Electronics ecommerce retailer increases daily order fulfillment more than 200%

Monoprice, an electronics ecommerce retailer, needed to improve order fulfillment volume to better serve its growing number of online customers.

An automated material handling system was installed to help Monoprice increase daily throughput from roughly 300 orders per hour up to 1,000 orders per hour.

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Monoprice ecommerce fulfillment case study

Key Technologies



Replaced paper-based picking with voice picking, greatly reducing picking errors 

Faster order fulfillment times allow for delivery within 24 hours

Energy-efficient conveyor reduced operating costs and provided a quieter working environment



  • manual-pallet-build
  • shipping-label-apply-and-voice-picking
  • shipping-label-scan
  • shipping-lanes
  • shipping-lanes-leading-to-manual-pallet-build
  • shipping-scanner-and-check-weigh
  • usps-parcels-on-roller-conveyor
  • voice-picking-to-carton
  • void-fill-and-seal
  • cartons-routing-from-spiral-conveyor
  • carton-singulation
  • carton-singulation-conveyor
  • compartmentalized-tote-for-faster-order-fulfillment
  • decline-conveyor
  • roller-conveyor-leading-to-void-fill
  • product-in-line-for-pack-out
  • pallet-rack-for-reserve-products
  • monoprice-efulfillment-system-rendering
  • one-of-three-pick-modules

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