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Increased Storage Density Supports Faster Fulfillment Cycles

As a Michigan-based apparel company, My Locker ships custom-designed products to local retailers and national third-party customers. From the time it’s ordered to the time it’s shipped, My Locker aims to consistently hit a 24-hour delivery goal. 

With their previous setup, My Locker could not store enough raw materials to process their orders within their desired 24-hour timeframe. To improve operations, Bastian Solutions' experts recommended the OPEX Perfect Pick goods to person system paired with Exacta software. This upgrade provides a scalable, high density solution to house their 11,000 SKUs and free up more space for production while increasing visibility and accuracy to inventory management and order fulfillment processes.

“To match the rates that we’re achieving now we would have needed 12 to 15 people. Where right now, we’re running that system with about six,” says Brian Wightman, head of operations at My Locker. With increased room to grow, utilizing less than half of their facility footprint, My Locker can reliably keep needed products in stock and achieve a 24-hour fulfillment cycle.

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“One of the biggest issues we were facing was delivery time to our customers. We brought in Bastian Solutions. They recommended the machine that worked best for us and that would serve our purpose. We implemented the solution and we accomplished our goal.” – Brian Wightman, My Locker

  • Increased throughput by more than 100% with the Perfect Pick's ability to process up to 800 orders per hour
  • Decreased order cycle time to meet 24 hour goal
  • Increased storage density to hold more SKUs with a smaller footprint


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