King's Hawaiian

Bakery Doubles Throughput with Robotic Palletizing and AS/RS

For its Torrance, California facility, King's Hawaiian turned to Bastian Solutions to help them automate their case palletizing and handling process.


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Business Objectives

  • Improve output and service to customers by increasing product throughput and providing 100% order visibility
  • Better utilize space and consolidate two facilities into one
  • Eliminate damage to the freezer due to high fork truck activity
Better Utilization of Space

Key Technologies

  • Exacta Warehouse Management System
  • Exacta Warehouse Control System
  • Case Palletizing Robots
  • Case Conveyor and Slip Sheet Conveyor within robotic cells
  • Woodson Automatic Storage and Retrieval System
  • Robotics Controls
robotic palletizer


  • Two existing bakery facilities were successfully integrated into one
  • Finished good capacity nearly doubled from 6,500 lbs./hour to 12,000 lbs./ hour
  • The damage to the freezer from fork truck activity was eliminated
infeed conveyor & sheet bin


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  • kings-hawaiian-_infeed_conveyor_and_sheet_bin-thumb
  • kings-hawaiian-_robotic_palletizer-thumb

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