Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits - Puyallup WA

Within 5 months, SWS jumps to 30,000+ cases shipped per night

Southern Wine & Spirits of America is the largest wine and spirits distributor in the United States with operations in 35 states. Southern Wine & Spirits turned to Bastian Solutions for their newest distribution center in Puyallup, WA to improve picking operations and throughput.


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Glasiers Southern Wine & Spirits Pallyup, WA

Business Objectives

  • Be the first privatized spirits distributor in Washington State
  • Provide next-day delivery to customers throughout Washington
  • Double system capacity to include distilled spirits in addition to wine
  • Improve system throughput and accuracy without additional labor costs
  • Fully integrated and installed system in 4 months
Fully Integrated and Installed System

Key Technologies



  • 30,000 cartons shipped each night
  • Single facility services the entire state of Washington while providing next-day delivery
  • The state-run facility for spirits operated with about 900 employees. SWS is distributing wine plus the amount of spirits distributed by the state facility with about 300 people.
  • System functional within a four-month period allowing SWS to take advantage of new liquor laws in Washington


  • southernwinespirits-puyallupwa01_1024x768
  • southernwinespirits-puyallupwa07_1024x768
  • southernwinespirits-puyallupwa02_1024x768
  • southernwinespirits-puyallupwa05_1024x768
  • southernwinespirits-puyallupwa04_1024x768
  • southernwinespirits-puyallupwa03_1024x768
  • 1_SWS_Pallyup_split_case_bottle_picking_
  • 2_SWS_pallyup_split-case-picking
  • 3_SWS_Pallyup_full-case-pick-module
  • 4_SWS_Pallyup_full-case-picking
  • 5_SWS_Pallyup_pick-module
  • 6_SWS_Pallyup_case-merge
  • 7_SWS_Pallyup_beverage-conveyor-system
  • 8_SWS_Pallyup_conveyor-system
  • 9_SWS_Pallyup_order-waving
  • 10_SWS_Pallyup_hmi-monitoring-station
  • 11_WS_Pallyup_decline-conveyors
  • 12_SWS_Pallyup_cases-in-shipping
  • 13_SWS_Pallyup_shipping-lane-spirals
  • _14_SWS_Pallyup_pallet-rack

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