Vertical Spiral Conveyor

Save floor space when inclining or declining with vertical spiral conveyor

Conveyor systems often need to go above, under or around other equipment, walls, walkways, workspaces, and various other obstacles. Although conveyors are traditionally employed for horizontal movement, when a product needs to travel down, spiral conveyors are a top option. They take up a fraction of the floor space compared to a traditional conveyor, resulting in potentially significant financial savings.

Spiral conveyors can be used for merging products from a multi-level pick module on to a single takeaway conveyor line. They can also be help accumulate product on the spiral to increase buffer time. Customizable to safely handle a variety product, Bastian Solutions engineers can help you implement the right cost-effective solution for your operations.

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How Spiral Conveyors Work

When conveyor lines need to change elevations, spiral conveyors address many common factors and challenges that arise when moving products from one level to another.

The slope can’t be too steep, or products won’t have enough traction to stay on the conveyor. To create a gentle slope using a traditional conveyer, a longer length of conveyor is needed, which takes up significant floor space.

You’ll also want to consider the types of product you are conveying as well. Certain types of difficult-to-convey materials, like bottles, objects with round surfaces, or fragile items, need very smooth transitions between flat and elevated sections of conveyor to avoid damage or jostling.

Fortunately, spiral conveyors solve these issues. Taking that long stretch of gradually sloped conveyor and wrapping it around a central column provides all of the same benefits of a traditional conveyor while drastically reducing the required floor space. By effectively utilizing vertical space, spiral conveyors can transport goods safely and effectively with the gradual slopes and smooth transitions needed for proper product handling.


Features & Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Maximize floor space by conveying products vertically
  • Faster, more reliable than elevators or lifts
  • Options for entrance and exists on multiple levels
  • Modular designs allow spirals to be customized to fit many applications
  • Multiple belt types available to fit different products and application needs


  • Size, shape and characteristics of products being transported
  • Flow and traffic patterns of product being conveyed
  • Available floor space – If space is limited, a vertical option may be the way to go. However, if there is plenty of space, traditional conveyor inclines and declines may be more cost-effective.


Accumulating spiral conveyors –Spiral conveyors can be divided into separate accumulation zones with each accumulation zone controlled independently. This ability to accumulate product allows for more buffering time between operations and is a tremendous use of floor space. Bastian Solutions has pioneered the advancement of zero pressure accumulating spiral conveyors.

Continuous chain-slat spiral conveyors - Continuous chain-slat conveyors are controlled by one drive unit and are extremely simple and robust workhorses. Other than a chain-slat, motor and a couple photo eyes, there is very little to these units. Installation is relatively simple since the units ship already assembled. Once the unit is raised into position and power is connected, the unit is ready for operation.

Helix belt spiral - This unit offers similar reliable transportation capabilities of the chain-slat conveyor and product accumulation features of an accumulating spiral incline/decline conveyor. A helix belt spiral incline/decline conveyor is comprised of a series of 90- or 180-degree belted conveyor sections (each with their own drive) put together. The belt is captured on the outside radius thus eliminating any tracking concerns. Since each section has its own drive, photo eyes can be added to allow for accumulation of products.

Dual lane spiral - In many applications multiple conveyor lines need to be elevated. The dual lane spiral incline/decline design allows multiple conveyor lines to share one central column. This not only allows for impressive space savings, but financial savings as well.

Multiple infeed or outfeed spirals - The ability to merge onto and divert off of one spiral conveyor is extremely useful in multi-level applications. Just as you would merge onto or exit off a spiral ramp in a parking garage, this technology allows for considerable space savings and is especially beneficially in pick module applications.

Spiral chutes – An alternative to declining spiral or traditional conveyors are spiral chutes. Since gravity is utilized instead of motorized belts, this is an extremely economical option. However, considerable evaluation should be given to each application and product specifications to ensure proper handling.


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