Southern Wine & Spirits - Shakopee, MN

Beverage distributor achieves 62% increase in daily shipments

Southern Wine & Spirits of America is the largest wine and spirits distributor in the United States with operations in 35 states. Southern Wine & Spirits turned to Bastian Solutions for the development of their newest distribution center in Shakopee, MN to improve picking operations and throughput.


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Glasiers Southern Wine & Spirits, Shakopee, MN

Business Objectives

  • Expand operations to better serve a growing client base
  • Improve order accuracy for better customer service
  • Increase system efficiencies and order throughput
  • Gain better visibility of orders and inventory
Better visibility of orders

Key Technologies

conveyor merge point


  • 62% increase in orders shipped each day
  • Exacta software provides complete visibility of orders throughout the system
  • Increased system efficiency and order accuracy has improved customer service
  • Ideal warehouse facility through industrial project and development for expanding distribution
hmi station


  • sws-shakopee-dc
  • case-pick-line
  • pallet-flow
  • voice-directed-picking
  • bottle-pick-room
  • split-case-pick-module
  • split-case-picking
  • shipping-merge
  • conveyor-merge
  • cases-to-shipping
  • decline-conveyor_(1)
  • truck-loading-conveyor
  • hmi-station
  • southernwinespirits-shakopeemn_1024x768

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