Electric Supply & Equipment

Increasing Storage Density to Increase Office Space

Electric Supply & Equipment provides electrical products and automation services from system architecture design through installation and post-sales support, ensuring facilities run at optimum levels. Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, they are a major distributor for Rockwell Automation.  

Needing to expand office space within their headquarters, Electric Supply & Equipment decided to condense the small attached warehouse to make room. They partnered with Bastian Solutions to increase storage density and after exploring multiple options, chose an AutoStore system –with six bots and 2,700 bin positions to maintain throughput.

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Electric Supply & Equipment

Key Services and Technology


  • Doubled storage density by transitioning from static floor shelving to AutoStore

  • Less time spent picking orders 

  • 300 order lines picked per day


  • Eletrical_supply_and_equipment_mini_autostore_warehouse_rendering
  • Eletrical_supply_and_equipment_mini_autostore_warehouse_rendering2

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