ACH Milan

ACH Milan Revs Up Production with an Improved Fuel Tank Conveyor Line

ACH Milan is a holding company created by Ford Motor Company. It was created to run several plants that supplied parts to Ford's Assembly plants. The Milan facility in Michigan continues to receive orders for new production lines to manufacture fuel tanks and bumper fascias.

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Key Technologies

  • Allen Bradley controls, including SLC 5/05 PLC and PanelView Human Machine Interface 
  • Bastian vertical lifts and pusher transfers
  • GescoFab belt over roller accumulation conveyor
  • Overhead belt conveyor

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ACH Milan was provided with a solution that had the flexibility and capabilities that the plant desired

Bastian Solutions was able to support all production runs during testing and were prepared for full production when needed

The number of operators needed to work the system was reduced by approximately 2-3 fork truck drivers per shift, or 6-9 operators per day

Bastian Solutions was able to build a strong relationship with the ACH team and the plant and have since been awarded several additional projects on new productions lines