Sur la Table

Sur la Table Prepares for Growth in Online Sales

Sur La Table is a premium culinary store started in Seattle, WA, in 1972. Today, the retailer has more than 100 locations across America and a website and catalog viewed by millions of people each year.

Sur La Table's 100+ retail stores and growing ecommerce business are serviced by a single distribution center in Brownsburg, IN, which handles more than 150,000 units a day during the peak holiday season.


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Key Technologies

  • Mobile Picking with RF Scanners
  • (5) Automatic tapers and dunnage dispensers
  • Conveyor System
    • 24 VDC Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor
    • 24 VDC Timing Belt Transfers
    • Standard Belt Under Roller Zero Pressure Accumulation
    • V-Belt Driven Transportation
  • Pallet Rack
    • Static Pallet Rack
    • Pushback Pallet Rack
  • 3-Level pick module
  • Static shelving for e-commerce products
  • Carton flow rack

Rf picking 


  • Phased implementation of facility upgrades allowed for budgeted growth each year
  • Reused part of previous conveyor system where possible to keep costs down
  • Addition of a dedicated consolidation, packaging and shipping area for direct-to-consumer orders enabled higher throughput rates during peak holiday seasons 
  • System can handle up to 150,000 - 200,000 retail units a day as needed

Hytrol roller conveyor 

Customer Review

“Bastian brings their experience to us in terms of they’ve seen it, done it elsewhere, so we draw on that experience. I would definitely recommend them.”      Tom Rafferty, Senior Director of Operations, Sur La Table


hytrol belted conveyor 


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