Prime Distribution Services, Inc

Prime Distribution Services Achieves Picking Productivity and Accuracy Goals

Prime Distribution Services (PDS), a third party logistics provider based in Plainfield, Indiana, supplies their customers with complete supply chain solutions incorporating warehousing, cross-docking, packaging and multi-vendor freight consolidation. Vendors warehouse their product at PDS's facilities, PDS picks and packs their orders, and combines them with other orders bound for the same destination. Many of PDS's customers are smaller companies that ship large quantities of products at the retail level. PDS offers these companies cost-effective distribution programs and allows them to compete against larger companies that can ship full truck-load volume to retailers.


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Prime Distribution Services, Inc.

Key Technologies


  • Bastian was able to successfully help PDS consolidate their Indianapolis facilities into one location and expand their warehouse management system capabilities.
  • PDS is positioned to be able to grow order volume without adding additional labor.
  • Operator productivity and throughput has increased dramatically.


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