Retail: Apparel + Footwear Fulfillment Strategy Guide

Creating a Foundation for Resilience in an Ecommerce Market


"It’s the name of the game in the industry today, speed to market. 97% of the orders are shipped within 24 hours."
– Jay Piccola, former president of PUMA North America

Apparel and footwear retail is constantly shifting and evolving according to the whims of seasonal changes, consumer preferences, and in-fashion styles. Support for growing online orders, coupled with continued support of traditional brick and mortar channels, adds another layer of complexity to the retail landscape.

An effective fulfillment strategy helps retailers shift from “surviving” these market changes to a more responsive and flexible foundation that can adapt and grow as needed. Our retail strategy series below examines the benefits of creating a retail apparel and footwear strategy that leverages advanced automation solutions for the flexibility and efficiency required for a strong, consistent competitive edge in a changing market. We invite you to watch our retail fulfillment video micro-series, read our Retail: Apparel + Footwear Fulfillment Strategy Guide and check out some of our projects below. 

Retail Fulfillment Strategy Micro-Series


Creating a Foundation for Resilience

The coronavirus pandemic caused not only disruption and uncertainty, but also accelerated consumer demand for ecommerce and local fulfillment. Here we talk about what that market boom looks like, adapting to e-fulfillment needs while managing retail apparel and footwear trends, and the key details in developing a resilient strategy with the right level of automation.  



Evolving to meet increasing online shopping and ecommerce demands requires a new way of thinking and creative approaches. Installing systems for customers like Puma and Best Buy, in this video we draw from these experiences to highlight how distributors can strategize and win with automation using the advanced technologies and data-driven solutions. 




Ecommerce, On Demand

Online subscription, on-demand fulfillment operations face unique challenges and require creative solutions to succeed. Unlike in-store operations, the ecommerce space has a finite opportunity to deliver a positive customer experience and encourage return customers. This makes accuracy, fast delivery, personalization, value-adds and an easy return process top priority.   



Microfulfillment or hyperlocal fulfillment is the latest tactic in bringing orders closer to the consumer. Often seen in the grocery sphere, this strategy is also applicable in the retail environment to cut down on shipping costs and accommodate same-day or next-day order processing. This video gives you a glimpse of microfulfillment in practice, plus key automation considerations to meet your business objectives and achieve a positive customer experience.   



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