The Rise of the Urban DC – How Best Buy is Transforming Its Supply Chain


ProMat Educational Seminar

Bastian Solutions invites you to listen in to our educational seminar on how to maximize the ROI on material handling automation.


A few years ago, Best Buy was faced with historic corporate challenges as the company met growing competition from e-tailers such as Amazon, Newegg and others. In response to changing consumer preferences and an evolving retail landscape, Best Buy overhauled its omnichannel operations, including changes to its supply chain network. Best Buy is currently re-designing each of its regional distribution centers (RDCs) and creating metropolitan e-commerce centers (MECs) to better serve customer demands. The company went through an extensive search to find the right software and automation provider to best serve each type of facility. The result is better inventory management, increased order accuracy, improved lead times for superior customer service, and an overall reduction in supply chain costs. During this presentation, Rob Bass, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Best Buy, will detail his company’s supply chain transformation and provide tips for improving your omnichannel operations.


  1. A step-by-step overview of how Best Buy turned around its operations to embrace omnichannel fulfillment and become an ecommerce leader.
  2. An outline of how Best Buy will utilize its regional distribution centers and metro ecommerce centers to fulfill both retail and e-commerce orders.
  3. The process of researching and selecting the right software and automation to handle inventory and speed to customer.

Presented by:

Rob Bass - Chief Supply Chain Officer 
Best Buy

Greg Connor - Vice President of Sales 
Bastian Solutions

Marvin Logan - Vice President of Consulting 
Bastian Solutions

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