Automated Order Picking Systems

Automate Picking, Putting and Sorting to Create a Reliably, Effortless Process

Manual product picking is a time consuming, tedious task and with the growth of industries like ecommerce, opportunities to get ahead of increasing product flow and complexity is key. Automated order picking systems – voice, pick to light or goods to person technologies – increase efficiency and reduce picking errors for improved customer service. Any of these solutions can be easily integrated with existing and future material handling equipment such as conveyor, goods to person picking and more.

Bastian Solutions experts, as independent integrators, are well versed in a variety of technologies, brands and automated picking configurations. Using data-backed strategies, we can help you meet the challenges of a growing fulfillment or warehouse operation that support person to goods processes.

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  • Accurate picking by reducing errors using visual and audible cues
  • Organized pick modules
  • Easily integrate with warehouse software
  • Low training time
  • Cost-effective solution with a fast ROI
  • Expand and adjust as operations change
  • Integrate with other automation or supporting processes


Whether you are looking at modifying existing workstations or reviewing mobile options like voice directed picking technology, there are a variety of turnkey options to help easily and quickly improve your order picking methods.



Pick Modules

Pick To Light

Put To Light

Put To Light

Put Wall

Put Wall

Voice Picking

RF Scanner

Mobile Picking Software


Robotic Order Picking


These alternatives to manual pick and place are quick to implement and integrate well with other automation technologies. However, as you explore different warehouse order picking technologies consider:

  • Peak seasons and required throughput rates
  • Facility layout and physical constraints
  • Labor availability
  • Desired ergonomic options and goals
  • Existing automation technologies and processes
  • Future growth and business objectives

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