PUMA Case Study | Torrance, California

PUMA Attacks Peak Season with AutoStore

PUMA, a leading sports apparel distributor, partnered with Bastian Solutions to select, design, and implement an AutoStore goods-to-person system to consolidate and improve order fulfillment operations at its third party logistics facility in Torrance, California. The facility, owned and operated by Brookvale, now handles up to 200 e-commerce lines per hour per operator and 700 wholesale units per hour per operator. This allows PUMA to easily meet same-day fulfillment and peak seasonal demands.


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PUMA Torrance, CA

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The storage density of AutoStore allowed PUMA to consolidate multiple distribution centers into a single facility in Torrance, CA.

Currently, 30,000 SKUs are stored in the AutoStore system. This includes all e-commerce SKUs and retail apparel SKUs.

The facility handles about 200 e-commerce lines per hour, per operator and 700 wholesale units per hour per operator. This is 2-3 times the amount previously handled.

The new system achieves same-day shipping on all e-commerce orders and easily handles peak season volumes.


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