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Bastian Solutions has developed several different types of custom technologies in the food and beverage industry for case handling, packing, shipping and conveying. Product types range from pallets to cases and capabilities vary to meet your custom need. From vertical spiral conveyors to mixed case palletizing, Bastian Solutions can work with you to develop your food and beverage distribution needs. 

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SWS Puyallup WA System Illustration

Southern Wine and Spirits, Puyallup

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Raw Meat Conveyor Lift System


  • Conveying large quantities (up to 2,500lbs) of raw meat in a factory
  • Lifting large quantities raw meat in a factory from a first floor to a second floor
  • Refrigerator and freezer application
  • All equipment has washdown ability for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and American Meat Institute (AMI) regulations


  • Sanitation Conveyor with stainless steel frames, refrigeration capabilities and plastic, washable belting
  • Vertical Lifts max weight 2,500lbs, stainless steel, and lifts 48 loads/hour
  • Turntables 
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval (ASRS)
  • Stainless Steel Vats for meat transport able to convey up to 1,150kg or 2,530lbs


  • Washdown capabilities for sanitation purposes
  • Able to transport, turn, and lift heavy vats of raw goods up to 2,500 lbs
  • Avoids worker cross contamination

Meat Case Packaging Conveyor


  • Meat case packing- product is infed on a belt conveyor, picked by a robot into a case and packed into cases and outfed on a separate belt conveyor
  • Robotic cell packing with custom infeed and divert conveyors
  • Washdown capabilities to meet American Meat Institute (AMI) standards


  • 24' belt conveyor
  • 90 FPM
  • Manual divert plow mounted on the discharge end of the belt conveyor
  • Accumulation roller belt conveyor in Robot Cell
  • Empty case singulator mounted on in-feed conveyor to robot cell


  • Avoids product and worker cross contamination
  • Able to pick and pack 1,000 cases per hour

Carton Conveyor


  • Accumulation, sortation and label application for meat packaging
  • Tracks and diverts cartons based on unit count, weight, and measure
  • Sanitation conveyor able to convey food products


  • 90 degree Intralox diverts
  • Accumulation Roller Belt Conveyor
  • Belt Conveyors for print and apply, infeed and discharge
  • Gravity Roller reject conveyor


  • Automatic scanning, tracking and diverting of packaged food goods
  • Automated to prevent human error
  • Prevents cross contamination of food product

Beverage Innopick Induction System


  • Beverage sortation
  • Automated palletizing and depalletizing
  • Automated order picking


  • ZiPline inducting conveyor- roller, curve, belted
  • Power pivot divert
  • ZiPline roller conveyor merge
  • Conveyor scales


  • Automatically measures, weighs and sorts the beverages cases being depalletized into sortation lanes to be stored until ready to be
  • Higher throughput and cost savings
  • Improves accuracy of order picking
  • Decreased turnover of employees
  • Reduces employee overtime

ExactaBev | Beverage Distribution Optimized 


The web based ExactaBev Portal provides route-waving tools that are flexible, rules-driven, and easy to use.  ExactaBev organizes picks into waves of work that maximize picker efficiency while keeping picks for a stop together.  The rich graphical displays let users visualize the work to be done and the labor required in each area of the warehouse.  Learn More

  • Real-time and historical data reporting

  • Intelligent wave routing for maximum efficiency

  • Predictive analysis accurately estimates when each route will be completed.

  • Robust and user-friendly tools are built into the web interface to help operators research and resolve exceptions. 

  • Automated integration with conveyor systems drives accuracy, speed, and sorting so that every route is loaded onto the trailer correctly, every time.


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