Plastic Belt Conveyor

Flexible plastic conveyor, adaptable to a variety of environments and applications

From handling small products like pharmaceuticals, personal care items, or polybags to the extreme conditions found in parts manufacturing, plastic modular belt conveyors have an impressively wide range of applications. Also known as plastic chain conveyors, modular plastic belt conveyors, and other variations, plastic modular belt conveyors have a unique construction. Interlocking plastic links allow for flexibility and versatility to accommodate difficult layout configurations and challenging environments.

Whether your facility is facing challenges with small, delicate, or difficult-to-convey items; configurations requiring bends, inclines or declines; or extreme environments, Bastian Solutions engineers will find the right solution for you.

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How Plastic Belt Conveyor Works

Plastic modular belt conveyors feature interlocking plastic links that are chained together to form a belt, similar to chain mail. This construction provides a high degree of flexibility, allowing the conveyor belt to bend around sharp corners, incline, and decline, and even spiral as needed.

Plastic chain conveyors require fewer drive motors than typical conveyors, decreasing operating and maintenance costs. The plastic links are easily modifiable to adjust conveyor width to better fit small items. The links can also be made from different materials to suit a variety of challenging applications and environments, including cold storage, high heat, UV-radiation, harsh chemicals, degreasing, washing, voltage testing and more.


Features & Benefits

  • Versatile, modular and flexible plastic chain
  • Allows tight bends, inclines, declines and spirals
  • Long stretches can be powered with a single drive motor, decreasing operating costs
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Plastic surface means delicate items will not be scratched or marred
  • Resistant to contamination and chemicals


When exploring whether plastic chain conveyors are the right solution for your operation, it’s important to consider:

  • Size, weight and characteristics of items being conveyed
  • Unique application needs – UV radiation safe, chemical and contamination resistance, food-grade, wash-down compatible, etc.
  • Environmental compatibility – cold, hot, dirty, etc.
  • QA/QC – product protection from scratching or marring


Bastian Solutions engineers will evaluate your operation and find the right plastic modular belt conveyor system and layout to fit your needs. As brand-agnostic integrators, we stay up to date on the products and solutions from all major plastic chain conveyor manufacturers, including Intralox, SpanTech, Dorner, and more, so we can find the best solution for your unique challenges.

If the right solution doesn’t exist in the marketplace, our custom automation team can engineer a custom solution for your specific needs


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