Daifuku Unit Load AS/RS

Optimize vertical storage potential with unit load crane technology

Daifuku's Unit Load Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) maximizes the storage of pallet in an available cube space by optimizing vertical storage in a small footprint. Pallet weights up to 6,600 lbs (3,000 kg) and heights up to 118ft. (36m) can be reached. This unit load ASRS can also store hazardous material, or large long or bulky items. It can also be used to store long or bulky items, and it is also ideal for freezer (to -40 degrees C/-40 degrees F) and low-noise applications. In addition to a standard single deep unit load, double deep rack configuration is also offered.


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How Daifuku Unit Load AS/RS works

The Unit Load ASRS is operated by a crane mast that travels up and down the aisle while a pallet handling device travels vertically on the mast and can also reach into the rack to deposit or pick up a pallet. Pallets are generally brought into the ASRS via conveyors to a pick up station where the ASRS load handling device will grab the pallet.

Once the pallet is secured the ASRS crane will travel to the correct lane location while the mast raises or lowers to the proper row height. Once at the proper lane location and row height the load handling device extends and drops the pallet off in the rack for storage. The pallet will be stored in the ASRS until it is ready to be retrieved. Once the retrieve command is sent to the ASRS the process will be reversed with the ASRS going to the proper lane and row location, retrieve the product then take it to a drop off location. After the pallet are dropped off either conveyors or forklift operators will transport them to the next process.

A unit load Automated Storage and Retrieval System is comprised of an:

  • Input/output station
  • Storage Retrieval Machine (SRM)
  • Storage rack
  • On-board and end-of-aisle controls


The most common Unit Load ASRS configurations are comprised of a single or dual shuttle being able to handle one or two pallets respectively. The shuttles are also designed to either store pallets single or double deep.

Daifuku's unit load ASRS stores and retrieves items placed on pallets, euro pallets, box pallets or roll box pallets. Items are transported to/from the unit load by conveyors, forklift, Sorting Transfer Vehicle (STV) or automatic guided vehicle (AGV), or mobile robots.

Specifications for Daifuku Unit Load AS/RS

  • Load weight capacity: 500-3,000 kg (1,100-6,600 lbs.)
  • S/R machine height: 3-26 m (10-118 ft.)
  • Horizontal speed: 63-250 m/min. (207-820 ft./min.)
  • Vertical speed: 10-100 m/min. (33- 328 ft./min.)
  • Shuttle speed: 20-80 m/min. (66-262 ft./min.)
  • Load footprint: 850-2600 mm x 850-2000 mm (33.5-102 in. x 33.5-78.8 in)

The above specs may vary depending upon individual system configurations and custom modifications may be available to better meet your exact application. The availability of overhead space in your specific facility will determine the height of the racking which may be used. Aisle length and the number of aisles available for use in your facility are based on your available floor space and building layout. Load size and throughput requirements do affect the speed of the ASRS system and are also considered when determining ASRS configuration.

Features & Benefits of Daifuku Unit Load AS/RS


  • Quiet operation
  • Variable speed control
  • Quick and precise transferring of loads
  • Design is modular allowing for easy expansion





  • The small footprint frees up floor space
  • Inventory accuracy and control
  • High-speed stable storage/retrieval operation
  • High Throughputs increase your productivity
  • Reduction in quantity of out of date and damaged pallets
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Minimize employee safety risks involved with forklift operations

Industries & Solutions of Daifuku Unit Load AS/RS




  • Store large quantities of raw material and/or finished goods
  • Temporary storage of large work in progress items
  • Embedded point-of use for assembly or kitting operations
  • Replaces static rack or narrow aisle rack loaded by forklifts
  • Eliminates the human variability element of storing and retrieving product


Interested in Daifuku's Unit Load AS/RS or want to know more?