Unit Load AS/RS

Store, Inventory & Retrieve Unit Loads with Ease

Quick and reliable AS/RS Unit Load technologies are cost-effectively engineered to handle unitized loads in and out of high density storage. Dependable 24/7 operation comes as a benefit to common applications such as buffering of supply chain deliveries and finished goods, storing and controlling the inventory until it has been released from QC or use in downstream processes. 

Finding the right AS/RS Unit Load is easy with a variety of horizontal and vertical speed options. Additionally, lightweight cranes allow for variable acceleration rates to ensure the fastest speeds are possible while maintaining load stability and quiet operation.

See why Unit Load AS/RS is right for you


Goods-to-Person functionality

with narrow, precise shuttles (single or dual)


Real-time inventory control

with instant reports.


Ergonomic Workstations

A variety of ergonomic workstations are available with access at end-of-aisle or the side.


Easy Maintenance

Designed with modular construction and built-in diagnostics to simplify installation and maintenance.


Optical Communications

Reduce the likelihood of lost data and ensure constant communication even in the event of power surges.


Special Loads

Special loads such as long or bulky materials, freezer and hazardous material applications & low noise environments can be accommodated.

Featured Unit Load AS/RS


Daifuku Unit Load AS/RS

Vectura Unit Load AS/RS

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