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Automate warehouse operations with proven magnetic and RFID navigation

Whether your facility requires a more flexible solution or will function perfectly with a more static design, AGVs are a perfect way to automate facilities in most industries. See your throughput increase with ease with the reliable functionality of AGV technology. These vehicles are perfect for repetitive and/or dangerous tasks and are safer to use than traditional forklifts.

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Magnetic & RFID AGVs

How Magnetic and RFID Navigation Works

Whether manned or unmanned, AGVs increase productivity with predictable and consistent functionality. AGVs reduce operational costs and hazards of forklift trucks by increasing the safety of the facility with precise and controlled movements.

Magnetic – AGVs are guided by magnetic tape or bars adhered to the floor, which are detected by a sensor underneath the vehicle. Paths are continuous.

RFID – Transponders are implanted into the floor of the facility for the AGV to target for navigation. 



  • Increase throughput and efficiency with consistent and reliable transport
  • Improve employee safety with predictable and consistent movements
  • Minimal downtime solve inconsistent labor availability
  • Safe, accurate movements reduce product, facility and equipment damage

Featured Magnetic Navigation & RFID AGVs


3A, 3AB & 3A Short AGV




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