Belt Conveyor

Economical and Versatile Transport Conveyor

Featuring a simple, yet versatile design, belt conveyors are an economical conveyor used to move products over long distances, at high speeds or for incline or decline applications. Powered belt conveyors move a continuous belt loop to transport items from one point to another. They’re often leveraged to move light to moderate weight items, items of varied shape, bagged items or fragile products, that may require more reliable control during load handling.

With access to a variety of automated conveyor system technologies, Bastian Solutions experts can help identify the best conveyor solutions and configurations to support your throughput goals.


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How Belt Conveyors Work

Consisting of two powered pulleys, belt conveyors feature a continuous loop of belting material over a flat surface or rollers. Belt conveyors support both short and long distances, adjustable speeds including high speeds, and incline or decline applications. This powered conveyor solution conveys items at a consistent speed using a flat belt surface.

Features & Benefits

This versatile conveyor solution can manage a variety of applications and processes, often leveraged for moving individual items, totes, cases and more to support warehouse, manufacturing, or distribution activities. Additionally, belt conveyors provide:

  • Stable conveyance on a flat conveyor belt
  • Setup for long distances
  • Economical powered conveyance
  • Support for flat, incline and decline applications
  • Ergonomic material transport
  • Reduced labor, lifting and walking


For the most effective conveying solutions, Bastian Solutions’ experts work with you to explore potential turnkey or custom options. Consider the following details:

  • Type, material, size and weight of items being conveyed
  • Product transport speed
  • Environmental conditions – cold, hot, wet or dirty
  • Challenging product characteristics – slippery, hot or oily parts
  • Available conveyance surface in the facility


Bastian Solutions engineers will evaluate your operation and find the right belt conveyor system and layout to fit your needs. As brand-agnostic integrators, we stay up to date on the products and solutions from all major conveyor manufacturers, so we can find the best solution for your unique challenges.

If the right solution doesn’t exist in the marketplace, our custom automation team can engineer a custom solution for your specific needs.


See Belt Conveyor in Action

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Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits | FL

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