Conveyor System Design Services

We design the best system for you, without brand bias

As an independent conveyor system integrator we are free to specify and select the best of breed ancillary conveyor equipment regardless of the manufacturer. If there isn't a piece of standard equipment available to meet your application, we will create a custom design and manufacture it for you. Our conveyor system design covers all aspects of your applications from complete system designs within your facility down to the detailed component level design found in custom applications.

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Conveyor System Design

Design Services

We use the latest design tools such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, and Navis to develop our designs quickly and efficiently helping you get your system up and running sooner. We also develop designs in 3-D to help identify interaction points, clearances, and obstructions before your conveyor shows up to your site. The 3-D designs can be turned into renderings and animations which provide a great perspective on how the different systems will fit and operate in your facility.


System design process

Once project planning is complete, the next phase is system design and layout. During this phase, our consultants:

  1. Design alternate system layouts based on parameters created in the planning phase
  2. Determine a final layout and equipment selection based on qualitative and quantitative methods including: labor modeling, operational and systems definition, allotted budget, and expected return on investment (ROI) 
  3. Validate the final system layout and equipment selection with computer simulation models to guarantee the system will not only work, but meet all requirements and provide strong ROI

Supplier sourcing for system design

With the design in place, a formal search for a system supplier can begin. Bastian Consulting can help:

  1. Identify suppliers capable of providing system components based on the budget, timeframe, and design parameters
  2. Formulate and manage RFPs (request for proposals) to save you time and ensure you receive detailed, on-target proposals
  3. Choose suppliers best suited for your project based on a thorough selection process

Benefits of conveyor system design

A quality system design begins with asking the right questions to ensure your conveyor system meets your specific needs. 
The primary benefits often gained by a Bastian Solutions designed conveyor system are:

  • Reduction of your order to fulfillment cycle time
  • Increase productivity of your employees by always having work available
  • Reduction of operational costs and labor
  • Reduction of worker comp claims as a result of an ergonomically designed environment
  • Free up floor space through vertical design
  • Modular, scalable solutions can be designed that meet your current & future throughput needs

Conveyor system design photos

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