Alba Pallet Conveyor

Convey it. Transfer it. Tilt it. Rotate it. Upend it with Alba.

Bastian Solutions is widely recognized as the leader in automated conveyor systems and support. We take great pride in our ability to quickly provide our clients with the pallet conveyor equipment and technical knowledge they need to streamline their operations. Whether it be distribution, e-fulfillment or manufacturing, Bastian Solutions has the right conveyor solution for you.

Since 1973 Bastian Solutions has been the leading integrator of Alba Manufacturing products. Alba has grown and prospered to become an industry leader in pallet conveyor solutions. Their superior products are based on three primary principles: Reliability, Service and Innovation.


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Alba Manufacturing

Reliability of Alba Pallet Conveyor

Alba equipment is designed to stand up to the harshest operating conditions and the heaviest loads with minimal maintenance and downtime. It is designed to outlast any competitive product in the marketplace, and to continue to perform reliably throughout its life. In addition, Alba’s employees are as reliable as thier equipment. They are dedicated to helping customers succeed in any way possible, and to meet every commitment they make.

Drag chain conveyor system

Alba Service

Alba strives to provide a broader and deeper level of service than other providers of similar products. Their large Engineering Department is a major strength, and they use that resource to help customers understand how to apply equipment and technology properly. Alba is well suited to design special solutions for unique situations. When custom solutions are required, Alba is among the industries very best.

chain and roller pallet conveyor

Alba Innovation

Alba’s ability to create unique solutions to solve specific customer problems is one of their greatest advantages. Over the years, they have designed countless special devices in response to customer requirements that have provided a solid foundation for future innovations. Some examples of recent projects include:

  • Alignment devices
  • Multi-strand transfers
  • Pallet jack lifts
  • Positioning lifts
  • Pneumatic T-cars
  • Corner escapements
  • Pallet conveyor swing gates
  • Blade lifts


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