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Reliable heavy load pallet conveying and handling

Designed for moving and handling heavy loads, pallet conveyors optimize handling operations for manufacturing, warehouse and distribution centers. Bastian Solutions integrates first-class technology that fits the unique requirements of your process to get operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Helping to increase throughput and flexibility in transporting and maneuvering heavy loads, pallet conveyors also help lower the overall costs of operations. This high-performance technology introduces a more ergonomic process that removes the heavy lifting for operators. Bastian Solutions’ engineers work with you to ensure that an optimal solution is integrated, whether it’s a stand-alone conveyor piece or as part of a fully integrated automated material handling system.


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How Pallet Conveyors Work

Pallet conveyors handle and transport large, heavy or unwieldly loads. Often positioned low to the ground for better control, products are moved by belt, slats, rollers or chain. Like traditional conveyors, powered or unpowered pallet conveyor solutions offer seamless integration with ancillary pallet handling equipment like robotic palletizers and depalletizers, turn tables, stretch wrappers, transfers, unit load ASRS, pallet dispensers and more.

In addition to conveying products from point A to point B, some accumulation pallet conveyor designs allow for zero pressure accumulation features. Using photo eye-controlled networks of AC and DC motor-controlled zone accumulation, zero pressure (no back pressure) pallet accumulation conveyors help to prevent product damage, prolonging equipment lifespan.


Features & Benefits

  • Improve warehouse flow and decrease traffic

  • Minimize labor load handling

  • Gentle handling – reduce product damage / precision and positioning

  • Improve system throughput, safety and ergonomics

  • Free up fork truck equipment for other tasks



For the most effective conveying solutions, Bastian Solutions’ experts will work with you to explore potential turnkey or custom options. Consider the following details:

  • Type, size and weight of items being conveyed
  • Pallet or skid type
  • Destination locations, need for curves or transfers
  • Processes – amount of starting and stopping required, accumulation of products
  • Environmental conditions – hot, oily parts
  • Available conveyance surface in the facility

Pallet Conveyor Technologies

Various pallet conveyor technologies, configurations and customizations are available to meet your specific needs and processes. As an independent integrator, our brand-agnostic approach, allows our engineers to leverage the best available technologies for your project, whether it’s Hytrol, Swisslog, Alba or Bastian Solutions’ Conveyor. Below are a few pallet conveyor options:

Accumulation Pallet Conveyors

There are several different designs of pallet accumulation conveyor. However, all designs allow for zero pressure accumulation of products. Pallet accumulation technology includes photo eye controlled networked AC and DC motor controlled zoned accumulation.


Gravity Pallet Conveyors

Non-powered pallet conveyor solutions, gravity roller pallet conveyors move pallets manually along a track featuring a series of rollers laid in succession within the conveyor frame. The rollers help keep the pallet in motion by reducing friction between the rollers and the pallet itself.

Pallet Transfers & Turntables

Pop-up chain and roller transfers are used to divert heavy unit loads at right angles by lifting and gently transferring them. The transfer remains inactive when product needs to pass through a junction. Powered turntables with chain-driven rollers ensure that loads can be reoriented when material flow lines intersect or change direction.

High-Speed Pallet Transfer Cars

Transfer cars handle distribution, supply, and order picking functions at conveyor line heads or between conveyor lines and palletizing stations.  Transfer cars are frequently used to distribute empty pallets in a large, multi-line palletizing system, as well as combine the full pallet discharges of the palletizing system into a common stretch wrapper.

Transport Pallet Conveyors

Helping to move products from one point to another, various features can be employed for secure, smooth and efficient conveyance. Types of pallet transport conveyor include:

Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) 

Ideal for transporting loaded pallets or heavy items, these rugged and durable conveyors handle even the toughest conditions. CDLR can be configured in a variety of lengths, widths, curves and roller spacing.

Drag Chain Pallet Conveyor 

Also referred to as multi-strand conveyors, drag chain conveyors consist of parallel strands of roller chain used to convey loads, preferably with minimal starting and stopping required. Drag chains are the preferred method of conveyance for pallets or skids that do not travel well on roller conveyors or are not strong enough to support the load.


Pallet Monorail Conveyor 

Pallet monorail systems are one of the fastest and most efficient ways to transport pallet loads throughout a facility. With a lower investment cost for high throughput applications, this track and trolley solution provides an alternative solution to roller conveyor systems.

Belt Driven Live Roller Pallet Conveyor 

For lighter capacity applications (less than 1,000 lbs. per linear foot), belt driven live roller pallet conveyor can be an economical solution, often used for accumulation of returnable containers and empty pallets. Roller spacing can be configured and photo eyes can be accommodated for zero pressure accumulation.

24V DC Powered Pallet Conveyor 

Commonly only used for conveyance of small boxes and other light duty requirements, 24V DC technology can also convey pallets and other large, heavy loads. This is a simple and safe solution that can be extremely cost effective when implemented in the correct application.

Heavy Duty Slat Conveyor 

Used to move heavy or oddly shaped objects, slat conveyors are comprised of one or more endless chains to which steel slats are attached. These are commonly used to convey hot, oily parts, items that must be conveyed through heat drying processes and various other assembly operations.

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