Print and Apply Label Automation

Streamline processing with in-line automated print and apply labelers

In order to run at peak performance, automated material handling systems need to know what each item is and where it should go. The fastest and most accurate way to accomplish this identification and routine is with automatic, in-line print and apply machines.

Whether labeling incoming shipments, adding unique IDs to totes or attaching shipping labels to outbound orders, automatic print and apply labelers ensure each container is accurately identified, labeled and directed towards its intended destination. These machines can be conveniently integrated into conveyor routes, eliminating manual removal and labeling of products.


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Automatic Print & Apply Labelers

How Automatic Print & Apply Labelers Work

PUMA-Whitestown-DC-Print-and-apply-stations-on-conveyorPrint and apply label systems automatically create and attach unique identification or shipping labels to containers of all shapes and sizes.

Accurate labelling & placement

Containers are transported by conveyor to the automatic label printer and applicator. On the conveyor, containers are aligned against one side of the conveyor for consistent label placement and gapped so that enough space exists between each container to allow time for each label to be printed and tamped in place before the next comes along.

Containers are scanned as they travel down the conveyor, and that information is used by the print and apply machine to print the corresponding label as the container approaches. As the container passes through the machine, the label is firmly applied and the container continues to the next process.

Print & Apply application

Print and apply label systems can be used for a variety of applications, including inbound and outbound processing for warehouses, distribution centers, large manufacturers, 3pls, high-volume ecommerce, omnichannel DCs and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Increase efficiency, throughput, and accuracy of inbound and outbound processes
  • Precise, high-quality label printing
  • Works with a variety of container types and sizes
  • Available for a variety of label types, sizes and application locations
  • Automated pre-printed decorative label applicators available


  • Labeling type – case labeling, bin or carton IDs, barcodes, shipping labels, peel away packing slips, pallet labels
  • Label placement – top, side, corner, front or rear
  • Size, shape, and type of containers and labels
  • Container size variation or uniformity
  • Speed requirements for accurate scanning, printing and label application
  • Label volume or process flow to determine number and location of labeling machines
  • Proper gapping of alignment of products for accurate, effective application

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