Vanderlande ADAPTO | AS/RS Shuttle System

Multi-shuttle automated storage system for totes, bins, boxes and more

ADAPTO is a modular shuttle-based automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) with sorting and sequencing technology built in. This goods to person system is flexible and scalable, offering the ability to increase storage and throughput independently and without interrupting operations - allowing you to quickly adapt to changing market demands.

The ADAPTO shuttle system guarantees fast and accurate product picking with multidirectional shuttles and software that directs shuttles based on order requirements. Additional shuttles and aisles can be easily added for meeting the high demands of industries with peak season variability and fast-paced delivery requirements such as ecommerce fulfillment. Bastian Solutions, as an independent integrator, works with you to identify the best possible solution to help you maintain a leading edge in your industry.  


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How It Works

ADAPTO consists of a racking structure with an integrated shuttle track system that features multidirectional microshuttles (small, automated transport shuttles) to move product bins between storage locations in the rack and workstations.

A built-in lift allows shuttles to move up and down between rack levels and to the available stations.

Software controls shuttle traffic, maximizing throughput and minimizing order lead times. The user-friendly interface shows real-time data of the entire system, providing an overview of every component.

ADAPTO can be leveraged for both picking and replenishment operations.


Features & Benefits

Space efficiency

  • Modular design — Structure flexibility and high-volume racking optimize space utilization.
  • Flexible layout — Grid can be built around pillars and other static obstacles.
  • Ease of expansion — Aisles can be added to increase capacity without interrupting operations.

Cost savings

  • Low energy consumption and operating costs
  • Limited initial investment
  • Scalable, while system is operational
  • Minimal maintenance service is needed
  • Operation feedback in real-time

Performance as needed

  • Fast and accurate order fulfillment through peak periods
  • Capacity and throughput can be scaled independently
  • Easily add shuttles and lifts to increase throughput as needed
  • High performance for ecommerce
  • No single point of failure - shuttles can be maintained offline
  • All product locations are accessible manually in the event of a power outage

Similar to other goods to person options, ADAPTO can be integrated with additional picking and conveying technologies – pick to light, conveyors, goods to robot – for a more fully automated order fulfillment solution. 



To find the most effective storage and piece picking solution, it’s important to consider:

  • Facility size, layout, and infrastructure (ex: slab thickness and obstacles to build around)
  • Potential facility modifications
  • Product size and weight
  • Order volume and speed
  • Peak-season demands
  • Inventory storage needs
  • Business growth forecast and objectives


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