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Accurate 24/7 order fulfillment with AI-powered piece picking robots

Bastian Solutions SmartPick™ robotic bin picking is the next generation of fast and accurate order fulfillment. This robotic bin picking solution combines cutting-edge AI powered vision technology, industrial robotics and goods to person technologies to create goods to robot solutions capable of picking the most complex assortment of products with 99.9% accuracy, gaining knowledge from previous picks to better handle various product shapes, sizes, and surfaces.

Whether you’re facing warehouse labor availability challenges or increasing consumer demand for next-day order fulfillment, Bastian Solutions’ piece picking robots provide reliable, 24/7 performance that reduces labor costs and provides a fast ROI. Bastian Solutions’ experts are available to discuss your challenges and analyze your operations to determine the best robotic solution to support your goals.

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bastian-solutions-smartpick-EdisonAwds23_GOLD-600px-3Award-Winning Technology

Bastian Solutions SmartPick™ was named the gold winner in the Enhanced Automation category at the 2023 Edison Awards.


How Bastian Solutions SmartPick Robotic Piece Picking Works

The vision platform will direct mechanical controls to manipulate the robotic arm and EoAT (end of arm tool) to successfully pick the item without encroaching on other objects or the tote walls. The robot then retracts from the bin and places the object in a secondary shipping carton and is ready for another pick and place sequence. As the robot picks different object shapes, dimensions, and surfaces, it continues to learn and improve how to identify and pick objects in different positions, further improving accuracy and efficiency. In the rare case that an item can’t be picked in the first few attempts, the AI vision system determines whether object’s orientation should be changed, and it will jostle the item to expose a different surface and try to pick again.

Fully Automated Order Picking & Fulfillment

A fully automated order fulfillment solution consists of a goods to person system, industrial robot, AI vision system, takeaway conveyor with automated labelling and checkweighing, and warehouse software to control the entire process, like a WES. When an order is received, the warehouse software communicates with the GTP (goods to person) system to deliver the bin containing the ordered item to the robot operated GTP workstation. The robot’s AI and vision platform identifies the SKU(s) needed for the order, then selects the “most pick-able” product in the pile and releases the robot to pick it and place into the designated container. When the order is complete, the container will be transported via the takeaway conveyor for further outbound processing like checkweighing with in-line scales to ensure order accuracy and automated labeling to attach a shipping label.

Artificial Intelligence and Vision System

Equipped with innovative AI and machine vision, Bastian Solutions’ piece picking robots don’t require training or programming to handle your current products or new product integration. As new products are introduced, the AI software builds a library of objects it has seen and handled over time, along with optimal picking information. This is shared across the entire fleet allowing them to continuously learn from each other so they can function as a single, highly efficient order fulfilment operation. The AI and vision platform directly interfaces with Bastian Solutions’ Exacta® intralogistics software, communicating product data and sharing order fulfillment information. This integration allows the cells to run with even higher autonomy.



Industrial robotic arms with AI-enabled vision systems offer flexibility beyond just order picking. Other applications for each picking robots include:

  • Induction and Sortation – Isolating mixed products from induction point and placing them on take away conveyors or sorters
  • Put Wall and Buffering – Singulating mixed products from infeed point and placing them into specific bins for further order fulfillment processing
  • GTP Operation Support – Grocery, apparel, e-commerce, health & beauty, and facilities integrating GTP systems
  • Varied Packaging – Cuboids, cylinders, collapsible tubes, blister packs, polybags, and clamshells
  • Different Containers – Adaptable to cartons, bags, loose products, etc.

Features & Benefits

Helping to deliver 99%+ order accuracy for improved customer satisfaction, Bastian Solutions SmartPick robotic piece picking introduces numerous opportunities and benefits that extend further:

  • Allows for 24/7 automated operations
  • Autonomous robotic picking from multiple totes, by a single robotic arm
  • AI-based vision system identifies millions of products without training
  • AI learns and adapts to product state and high variation within bins to accelerate new product integration
  • Improves employee ergonomics by automating tedious, time intensive picking operations
  • Continuous learning and improved accuracy through shared robotic AI software and picking information
  • Solves warehouse labor availability challenges and reduces labor costs
  • Intuitive, custom EoAT designs that adapt to product variability and hard-to-pick items like clear polybags and small cosmetics
  • Scalable, future proof solution that seamlessly integrates with existing and new equipment and software
  • Effectively interfaces with GTP systems, vertical storage systems and ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) front-end workstations for picking and placing of ordered items from dispatched totes


When deciding whether a robotic piece picking system could work for your operation, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Facility layout – industrial robotic arms require safety cells, collaborative robotic arms can work directly next to humans and require less space
  • Facility throughput and required picking speed
  • Possible collaboration with human operators
  • Compatibility with existing systems and technologies
  • Factory acceptance testing (FAT) ensures our solution meets your standards


  • Operates at or above manual picking speeds; 500-1,000 picks per hour depending on cell layout.
  • Can be integrated with VLMs (vertical lift modules), ASRS, and GTP systems including AutoStore, Perfect Pick, Scallog, Caja Robotics, Kardex, and more
  • Robotic arm manufacturer options include FANUC and ABB
  • Robotic vision providers include Covariant, FANUC and Cognex

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