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Increase Throughput with Less Labor Using Robotic Case Packers

Robotic systems excel at completing repetitive tasks quickly and accurately and they also provide a great deal of flexibility for handling different types of products in the same system. For operations that require high-volume case packing or frequent changes between different types of products, a robotic case packing system is an ideal solution.

Bastian Solutions designs robotic case packers that enable manufacturers to reduce labor and related safety costs while increasing throughput, reliability, and accuracy of orders. Robots can pick single or multiple items to pack single or multiple cases per cycle. Quick change end of arm tooling (EoAT) can prepare the same robot to handle products of varying sizes or shapes. If you’re considering implementing a robotic case packing solution for your end of line processes, our engineers are available to discuss your needs and analyze your operations to find the best technology and system options available.

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How a Robotic Case Packer Works

In a robotic case packing automated system, products are automatically transferred into the robotic cell via conveyor or sorters and are queued for packing. Cartons are erected and fed into position where the system will initiate the packing process.

Using a custom EoAT, the product is then picked and placed by the robot to the desired package at a high speed. Once the carton is filled it will be sealed, labeled and exit the system. The robot will proceed to continue the packing process with the next container.

Robotic case packers can also be integrated to automate manual kitting processes. Depending on the operation, a single robot or a robotic fleet rapidly and efficiently combine various products from different infeed points into a single container. We have integrated solutions that follow very specific pack patterns to fit dozens of products in a single container.


Features & Benefits

  • Reduces repetitive, tedious motions and reduces labor costs
  • Improves employee ergonomics
  • Gentle product handling with intuitive EoAT
  • Controlled acceleration and deceleration of the robot
  • Multiple configuration options including delta robots as well as inverted and traditional mounted robotic arms
  • Highly efficient and easily expandable for increased production
  • Extremely low maintenance and high uptime
  • Very flexible for multiple product lines and for future product changes
  • Seamless integration as a stand-alone system or with other end of line automation equipment such as case erectors, case sealers, conveyor systems, downstream robotic palletizing, etc.


When considering whether to automate your operations with a high-speed robotic case packing system, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Number of product lines being handled
  • Facility layout and available footprint
  • Size, shape, weight of handled products
  • Challenging product physical characteristics that may require multiple EoATs and quick-change functionality
  • Throughput rates and number of robots needed to meet requirements
  • Orientation and identification of individual products on infeed conveyor
  • FAT (factory acceptance testing) ensures our solutions meets your standards

Technologies & Specifications

  • Custom EoAT can meet your pack pattern requirements, including modular or quick-change options
  • Throughput can reach up to 40 cycles per minute
  • Robots available to handle various rate and load requirements
  • 3D or AI-powered vision systems can be included for identifying of randomly oriented products and continuous motion picking and placing
  • With high picking accuracy and tool compensation, error can approach 0 mm
  • Multi-robot systems for high volume production lines

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