Put Walls

Order Picking and Packing, In One Place

A put wall is a series of dedicated shelving that increase efficiency during the order consolidation process. Put walls can handle a large volume of orders in a small footprint. This paperless process streamlines the supply chain by increasing order accuracy and reducing walking to and from inventory storage. Put Wall applications decouple the picking and packing application of order fulfillment maximizing the efficiency of each applications.

Bastian Solutions experts use a data-backed approach and leverage their vast field experience to identify the best possible picking solutions for given scenarios and business objectives. Together, we help you identify and achieve opportunities for efficiency.

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How It Works

The wall itself consists of multiple compartments outfitted with light indicators, where each compartment represents a customer's order. The operator receives a batch of items in totes or on a pallet, which they then scan individually. Scanned items are placed into the compartments directed by the light system until the order is fulfilled and ready to ship to the customer.

Once orders are completed, packing operators are notified via a light on the opposite side of the wall system. The process is completed once the packer loads the items into boxes, ready for shipment.


To help achieve greater efficiency, Bastian Solutions’ Exacta intralogistics software integrates directly into your existing host systems through Exacta WES or WCS software solutions for important order information. As orders are processed, Exacta sends updates back either in real-time as each pick is completed or in batches as individual orders are completed. Detailed operator metrics are displayed through reporting tools in Exacta.



  • 100% paperless
  • Modular and scalable
  • Increased order efficiency
  • Increased order accuracy
  • Supports processing of single and multi-line orders
  • Real-time visibility


Most popular with ecommerce, applications will vary based on clients’ needs and may include applications like:

  • Medical devices
  • Electronic components
  • Small, packaged consumer goods
  • Clothing and apparel
  • Jewelry


  • When considering automating your warehouse order picking process and evaluating various technology options, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Product dimensions
  • Labor availability
  • Current and desired throughput rates
  • Operation workflow
  • Current and desired pick and pack needs
  • Seasonal order fulfillment changes

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