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The Future of Consumer 3-D Printing is Now

June 12, 2014
Low-cost, 3-D printing is now more readily available than ever before with basic, single material printers available for starting prices in the hundreds of dollars. 3-D printing has been a great way to test new part designs in the industrial world, but with lower price points for the machines and easier access to a wide range of materials, the at-home use is expanding every day. Read: Consumer 3-D Printing

4 Emerging Technologies That Will Change How We Do Business

June 17, 2013
It is easy to look back and say how different technology was fifteen years ago. It’s also not a stretch to say that technological innovations like laptops, broadband Internet, and USB drives have made the workplace more efficient. But what comes next? Below are 4 emerging technologies that should, in the next 15 years, make as much of an impact as the laptop computer had on the last.

New Design Tools for the Creative Engineer

February 16, 2012
With the pace of business continually accelerating, it is nice to see the selection of new engineering design tools rising to the occasion. Although there is no substitute for sound engineering fundamentals, these tools can help engage an engineer's creativity by speeding up the iterative design process.
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