Parts Town - Addison, IL

Engineering Consulting Case Study

Business Objectives

  • Analyze operations to determine the right automation solution
  • Strategically plan the new facility's layout and system design
  • Intelligently slot SKUs to improve picking rates
  • Partner with a consulting team that could analyze, design, and facilitate
    the system implementation
Autostore illustration

Facility Master Plan Preps Parts Town for Double-Digit Growth

Parts Town, a leading source for restaurant and food service parts, partnered with Bastian Solutions' independent consulting group to analyze its fulfillment operations and develop a plan and facility design that would support Parts Town’s ambitious growth goals. With an increasing number of SKUs and a need for faster order fulfillment, the AutoStore goods-to-person system was selected for its high-density storage and scalability.

Bastian Consulting utilized detailed data analysis techniques and advanced modeling tools to provide Parts Town with a clear, methodical plan for current and future operations.

"We were at the point where automation was needed, and we sought out Bastian’s help to get us automated in whatever fashion would help ensure we could satisfy our same-day shipping promise to customers and continue to stock an ever-growing number of SKUs. Those goals are very ambitious, so we needed an ambitious team to come help." - Kenny William, Director, Parts Town


Key Services and Technology

Facility master plan

Facility Design & Layout Services


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1. Bastian Solutions developed a process flow and layout to optimize Part Town's distribution center.

2. After analyzing Parts Town's product mix, cycle times and labor requirements, the AutoStore robotic, goods-to-person system was selected for its dense storage and scalability.

3. High-level SKU slotting was used to determine which products should go into each picking technology.

4. With the key technologies selected, a system layout and design was developed, and Bastian Solutions assisted throughout the planning, sourcing, and implementation process.

5. Created a transition plan for movement into the new building and phased use of the technology.

6. A road map was created so Parts Town can effectively plan for the future as its operations expand.

Bastian Solutions Consultants

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