iHerb.com Case Study

iHerb.com opens new facility in Hebron, KY to support CA facility

Bastian Solutions helped iHerb.com create an entire new system for their Hebron, KY location to support order fulfillment for their California location. iHerb was the first major installation of the OPEX Perfect Pick goods to person system, an energy-efficient automated storage and retrieval system for picking and stocking small goods.


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  • Orders are processed through the system in as little as 15 minutes
  • The system is the first major installation of both Bastian Solutions' Conveyor and the OPEX Perfect Pick system and will serve as a template for future iHerb facilities
  • The Perfect Pick system is easily scalable by simply adding additional aisles, so iHerb can expand as its client base grows
  • iHerb's operators can pick up to 800 items per hour per aisle
  • The system is capable of processing more than 20,000 orders every day


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