Southern Wine & Spirits - Oregon

38% increase in cartons sorted per day

Southern Wine & Spirits of America is the largest wine and spirits distributor in the U.S. with operations in 36 states. After purchasing their new distribution center in Wilsonville, OR, through our industrial project and development services, a new conveyor system, pick modules, and software were integrated to help the company better service customers and improve employee engagement.


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Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits, Oregon

Business Objectives

  • Improve order accuracy for better customer service
  • Increase system efficiencies and order throughput
  • Gain better visibility of orders and inventory
  • Reduce employee overtime
Improved Order Accuracy

Key Technologies

  • Exacta 6.0 Warehouse Control System
  • Order waving
  • Automated order routing
  • Exception handling
  • Manhattan Warehouse Management System 
  • Voice directed picking devices in split case pick modules
  • RF picking in bottle room and full case pick module
  • Hytrol Conveyor -- E24™, RBI, ABEZ, etc.
  • Hytrol ProSort SC sorter
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) control station
  • Pallet and carton flow rack
  • Zebra label printers
Southern wine & spirits oregon system


  • 38% increase in cartons sorted per day
  • Accuracy rates above 99.5%
  • Significant reduction in product breakage
  • Improved customer delivery times
  • Reduced overtime and better employee engagement
  • Ideal warehouse facility through industrial project and development for expanding distribution
  • “Within 3 months, we were meeting our goals of 1,200 cartons sorted per hour, and then within 6 months, we were hitting upwards toward 1,600 cartons per hour.” - Josh Heinrich, Night Shift Manager, SWS Oregon
hytrol prosort solution


  • SWS_Oregon_system-overview-render-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_split-case-and-bottle-mezz-render-1-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_split-case-and-bottle-mezz-render-2-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_soration-mezzanine-rendering-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_palletizing-stretch-wrapping-render-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_pallet-rack-product-storage-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_label-application-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_carton-label-printer-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_split-case-pick-module-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_boxes-travel-from-pick-module-to-bottle-room-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_bottle-room-picking-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_boxes-travel-to-sorter-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_cartons-leave-full-case-pick-module-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_full-cases-travel-to-sortation-mezzanine-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_four-to-one-conveyor-merge-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_scan-tunnel-qc-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_carton-sortation-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_sortation-mezzanine-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_pallets-prepare-for-stretch-wrapper-thumb
  • SWS_Oregon_human-machine-interface-for-system-thumb

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