Gerrie Electric Case Study

Fast Install, Quick ROI: Small Scale Automation Transforms Electrical Parts Fulfillment

Gerrie Electric is the largest independent electrical lighting and automation distributor in Ontario, Canada with customers ranging from car and steel OEMs, pharmaceuticals and individual contractors performing on-site electrical installations. With limited footprint, Gerrie Electric needed to transform their warehouse space to unlock productivity opportunities to successfully serve their 22 locations in southwestern Ontario quickly and 100% error free.

Small scale automation provided a quick install over a 3 month period and a fast return on investment that is on track to achieve and beat the targeted 3 year ROI. Backed by a $1.4 million loan by Ontario FedDev, a federal program that promotes economic development, Gerrie Electric invested in the future. “Ontario FedDev recognized that not only were we supporting jobs here in Ontario but also supporting industry and businesses that were exporting around the world,” said Elaine Gerrie, Co-President and CEO of Gerrie Electric.

The 26,000 square foot facility now supports more than 7,500 electrical automation and lighting products, with about 4,600 in the AutoStore system. It features Bastian Solutions’ Conveyor, Exacta intralogistics software, and an in-line weigh scale and box sealer.

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Gerrie Electric

Key Technologies

“Our existing 26,000 square foot facility was just not enough. We chose Bastian Solutions to install this automation because they are an independent integrator, and they came with that impartial evaluation that we required to implement automation and remain sustainable for the future.” – Taylor Gerrie, Director of Strategic Transformation at Gerrie Electric.



  • Fast returning ROI; exceeding the targeted 3-year payback.
  • Improved productivity that supports picking 80-90 products per person now in a 2-hour period, previously 7-hours.
  • 100% error free picking with AutoStore's bin section illumination that tells operators exactly which item to pick.
  • Easily support 22 locations in southwestern Ontario, housing +7,500 electrical automation and lighting products.
  • Room for planned future AutoStore expansion.


  • Gerrie-Electric-overhead-with-conveyor-thumb
  • Gerrie-Electric-overhead-shot-conveyor-storage-rack-thumb
  • Gerrie-Electric-autostore-goods-to-person-picking-station-takeaway-roller-conveyor-2-thumb
  • Gerrie-Electric-autostore-goods-to-person-picking-station-takeaway-roller-conveyor-3-thumb
  • Gerrie-Electric-autostore-goods-to-person-picking-station-takeaway-roller-conveyor-barcode-scanner-thumb
  • Gerrie-Electric-autostore-goods-to-person-picking-station-takeaway-roller-conveyor-4-thumb
  • Gerrie-Electric-autostore-goods-to-person-picking-station-takeaway-roller-conveyor-thumb
  • Gerrie-Electric-roller-conveyor-boxes-thumb
  • Gerrie-Electric-box-roller-conveyor-curve-thumb
  • Gerrie-Electric-red-line-robots-autostore-grid-goods-to-person-automated-storage-retrieval-system-thumb
  • Gerrie-Electric-red-line-autostore-goods-to-person-automated-storage-retrieval-system-thumb
  • Gerrie-Electric-pivot-wheel-divert-thumb
  • Gerrie-Electric-box-on-belt-conveyor-thumb
  • Gerrie-Electric-storage-rack-thumb
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