Parts Town

DC Automation Gives Parts Town Flexibility to Grow

Quickly outgrowing their existing facility after experiencing a 30% year over year growth, Parts Town, a leading source for food service equipment parts, turned to Bastian Solutions. First partnering in 2016 to support their growth goals, it was crucial for Parts Town to maintain their promise of same-day delivery to customers. Parts Town knew they needed a larger facility with scalable automation and optimized processes.

In phase one of this project, our independent consulting group utilized detailed data analysis techniques and advanced modeling tools to provide Parts Town with a clear, methodical plan for current and future operations that maximized the facility lifespan. With an increasing number of SKUs and a need for faster order fulfillment, the AutoStore goods-to-person system was selected for its high-density storage and scalability.

As the company continued to grow, a second phase was pursued and implemented. There was a need for additional storage space and support for increased order picking volume. Per phase one planning, this was already anticipated. Extra floor space had been kept clear to expand the AutoStore system and add a mile of sortation conveyor to get inventory into the building and out to the customer faster. In the end, order fulfillment and inventory space were increased without costly business interruptions or facility expansions.

"The partnership between Parts Town and Bastian Solutions has been so successful because of the collaboration. We’re a high demand customer and Bastian Solutions has always stayed with us every step of the way. A lot of companies say that they’re for customers, but Bastian Solutions walks the talk. We’ve always appreciated that and we look forward to many more years of business with Bastian Solutions."  - Kenny William, Senior Director of Process Improvement, Parts Town

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Key Services and Technology

Phase 1


Phase 2

AutoStore Goods to Person automated picking workstation


  • Picking speeds of 150+ lines/hour (3-4x conventional picking)
  • Order consolidation – Over 65% of picking activity in a mere 7% of the facility footprint. Most orders can be filled from a single operator at an AutoStore workstation
  • Modular storage and picking solution (AutoStore) that can be scaled as needed (add bins to increase storage, robots to increase picking speed, and workstations to increase volume)
  • Improved order accuracy due to the AutoStore workstation’s item images, Illumipick, and pick-to-light
  • Improved ergonomics and safety (no ladders, no walking, no reaching, minimal bending)
  • Reduced operator training time to hours rather than weeks


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  • Parts_Town_consulting_facility_master_plan_study_overhead_conveyor
  • Parts_town_distribution_center_consulting
  • Parts_Town_order_fulfillment_with_AutoStore_goods_to_person_robot
  • Parts_Town_order_fulfillment_with_AutoStore_goods_to_person
  • Parts_Town_order_fulfillment_with_AutoStore_goods_to_person_2
  • Parts_Town_order_fulfillment_with_AutoStore_Goods_to_person_automated_picking_workstation_2
  • Parts_Town_order_fulfillment_with_AutoStore_Goods_to_person_automated_picking_workstation
  • Parts_Town_order_fulfillment_picking_barcode_scanning
  • Parts_Town_conveyor_diverts
  • Parts_Town_supply_chain_software_HMI_human_machine_interface
  • Parts_Town_supply_chain_software_HMI_human_machine_interface_system_status_screen
  • Parts_Town_distribution_center_conveyor
  • Parts_Town_order_fulfillment_packing
  • Parts_Town_pallet_roller

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