Astra CFX SC

Astra improves speed and consistency while reducing errors in assemblies

Astra-CFX SC, LLC (Astra-CFX) dedicates itself to providing integrated supply chain solutions to the manufacturing world. Astra-CFX invested $9 million into the planning and implementation of a warehouse and assembly operation at its new facility in Greer, SC to provide tires and wheels “Just in Sequence” to BMW in support of the car maker's production of the new X3. Astra-CFX selected a new warehouse management system and the Exacta Warehouse Control System from Bastian Solutions.
*Video Note: ASAP Automation is now Bastian Software Solutions


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Key Technologies

flexible conveyor


Speed and consistency. The new material handling automation and software systems provide the Astra-CFX facility with the capability of consistently producing at least 200 assemblies an hour, meeting BMW's daily production quota. 

The facility is also able to ship a full trailer load of assemblies every 3-4 hours, meeting another key BMW requirement.

Reduction in Errors. The facility has been able to send every set of assemblies out in sequence as expected, preventing any charge backs from this type of error.

bin picking


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