FANUC Collaborative Robots

FANUC CR Series collaborative robots

These collaborative robots work with humans side-by-side, no safety fencing required. By safely taking over tedius, repetitive, and ergonomically unfriendly tasks, these cobots quickly become an integral part of the team. FANUC CR series cobots come in a range of sizes and payload options, so you can get the best machine for the job.

FANUC collaborative robots are certified to meet ISO 10218-1 requirements for collaborative robots and are designed and built with the same precision and reliability as all FANUC robots. 

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FANUC CR-4iA, CR-7iA and CR-7iA-L Specifications

  • Compact collaborative robots with varying arm lengths and payloads
  • Mount to floor, wall or inverted
  • Can be easily pushed out of the way or stopped with minimal force
  • CR-4iA: Short arm variant with 4kg payload, 550mm reach
  • CR-7iA: Standard arm variant with 7kg payload, 717mm reach
  • CR-7iA/L: Long arm variant with 7kg payload, 911mm reach



CR-15iA Specifications

  • Designed for various applications including assembly, picking/packing, machining, loading, part transfer, dispensing, etc. 
  • Hand guided or remote joystick applications for lift assist and assembly
  • Floor, upside-down, or angle mount
  • Safe and gentle green cover reduces impact forces and pinch points by providing a soft barrier between a human operator and the robot arm
  • 15kg payload, 1441mm reach

CR-35iA Specifications

  • Possible applications include heavier-weight collaborative processes including assembly, picking, packaging, machining, loading, palletizing, depalletizing, parts loading, etc.
  • Palletizing production capacity exceeding 400 units per hour
  • Capable of meeting RIA and ISO safety requirements, specifically ISO/TS 15066
  • 35kg payload, 1813mm reach


FANUC CR Series Cobot Brochure

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Collaborative Robots Cut Sheet

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