Bastian Solutions Automated & Autonomous Vehicles

Handle Repetitive Warehouse Payload Tasks with Proven AV Solutions

Designed and engineered with current manufacturing and warehouse applications in mind, the Bastian Solutions’ AV (automated and autonomous vehicles) product line introduces a dependable and flexible alternative to conventional material payload transport methods.

Our engineers and experts draw from in-field experience across various industries to create AV solutions that provide easy scalability with the addition of new AVs, flexibility to adjust to peaks in workflow, and adaptability with addition or removal of toppers. Above all, these technologies are developed to ensure safe operation around pedestrian and forklift traffic, while advancing productivity gains.

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Automated & Autonomous Vehicle Technologies

Bastian Solutions' AV products introduce a pathway to increased productivity by safely transporting payloads throughout manufacturing and warehouse facilities, while freeing up labor for more valuable tasks.  


CB18 AGF Natural Features Navigation AV

The CB18 AGF (automated guided forklift) is designed to efficiently transport heavy materials in a variety of shapes and sizes across manufacturing and distribution facilities.


M10 Tug Natural Features Navigation AV

The M10 Tug AV is a low-profile tugger that safely transports parts and products where they're needed, reducing product and facility damage and freeing up labor for more valuable tasks.


ML2 Natural Features Navigation AV

The ML2 Mini Load AV is highly maneuverable for tight space navigation and can be fitted with a towing pin, powered conveyor, lift table, lift and rotate, or custom engineered appliances. 


Custom AGV Toppers

Custom engineered frames, toppers and pickup & drop-off stations are often necessary to successfully integrate AV systems into your operations.

Toyota - A Trusted Partnership Born of Innovation

The future of material handling is the delivery of integrated solutions. To align with market changes and customer needs, Toyota Material Handling partners with Toyota Advanced Logistics, integrated by Bastian Solutions, to bring our customers automation technologies that meet any market challenge. By combining data-driven designs, scalable material handling systems and innovative software, Toyota Advanced Logistics and Toyota Material Handling are your single source for intralogistics — from forklifts to robotics and the latest in material handling automation.


3A Series Magnetic Navigation AGV


Toyota Tow Tractor


Raymond Tow Tractor


Toyota Pallet Truck


Raymond Courier Pallet Truck

About Bastian Solutions Innovation

mls-agv-automated-vehicle-rendering-reflect-700pxAs an independent material handling and systems integrator, our experts work with a variety of technologies, brands and industries giving us and our customers a unique viewpoint. Accomplishing productivity gains and long-term quality and reliability for our customers requires a strong commitment to excellence, customer experience and satisfaction. To meet that challenge, Bastian Solutions’ dedicated facilities provide nearly unlimited capabilities in design and manufacturing. We can present Bastian Solutions designed and engineered turnkey products, custom-tailored options that meet unique requirements, and ground-breaking solutions that address market needs.

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Multi-Fleet Interface Software

Bastian Solutions’ integrated AVs (autonomous vehicles) utilize our proprietary middleware solution to seamlessly connect vehicles from various manufacturers to customers’ enterprise systems. With this pre-packaged software stack, users can orchestrate complex, multi-fleet AV systems, improving interoperability, productivity and adaptability to future operational needs.

Toyota Quality

We have more than 6,000 technicians available through Toyota Material Handling North America Service Centers that are experts in maintaining and servicing all forms of material handling equipment. They can inspect each piece of equipment and proactively address minor maintenance issues before they escalate into expensive and unplanned outages. Regardless of make or manufacturer, our preventative maintenance program provides support and around-the-clock assistance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



By demonstrating excellence for standardization and quality assurance in our manufacturing process and for our commitment to customer experience and satisfaction, Bastian Solutions’ autonomous vehicles division has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification.


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