Pallet Shuttle AS/RS | Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Increase Storage Efficiency and Reduce Risks with Automated Pallet Shuttle Systems

Achieve unparalleled speed, accuracy and reliability with a pallet shuttle AS/RS system. These automated pallet storage and retrieval systems provide maximum storage density and efficiency with deep storage lanes, increased use of vertical space, and the ability to store and retrieve multiple pallets simultaneously. By upgrading to an automated storage system, forklifts no longer need to travel beyond the shipping dock and lane entry, reducing labor requirements, traffic and risk of damage to product and storage racks.

With the large variety of automated storage options for pallets and other large loads available, it can be difficult to find the best solution to meet your specific requirements. Bastian Solutions engineers are well versed in analyzing and integrating AS/RS solutions for a variety of industries and applications. They leverage their expertise to identify the best solution for your specific needs.

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How They Work

Pallet Shuttle systems typically consist of deep lane storage rack, lift and lowering systems, and pallet shuttle cars. Storage racks are fitted with narrow tracks that allow the pallet shuttles to access every storage lane. Lift and lowering systems provide access to every storage level, either transporting the pallet to the level, where it is picked up by the pallet shuttle, or transporting the pallet shuttle itself as it carries a pallet.

Most pallet shuttle cars come in a “parent child” configuration, where the parent or primary, larger unit can be added upon with a smaller or child unit. In this case, a smaller car can detach from the larger one to transport pallets down the deep but narrow storage lanes.

Pallets arrive at the intake area and are transported to the designated storage level and carried by the pallet shuttle to the designated storage lane. Once at the storage lane, the smaller shuttle car detaches from the larger shuttle to complete transport of the pallet to its final storage position.


 Features & Benefits

  • Real-time inventory control – Accurate inventory data with instant reports and forecasting.
  • Safe, secure product storage – Reduce product damage, misplaced inventory and inventory loss.
  • Reduce downtime – Pallet shuttle AS/RS can run 24/7 with minimal downtime.
  • Ease of maintenance – Decking in every aisle, at every level in the system provides access for servicing.
  • High density storage – Deep lane rack systems minimize empty space.
  • Configure to your specifications – Highly configurable for various load sizes and weights.
  • Safe & Ergonomic – Reduced exposure to hazardous activities, materials, and environments like cold storage.


Would your operations benefit from automated inventory management? Similar to other automation solutions, AS/RS can increase visibility, provide data and deliver control of inventory by levels and locations.

Does your operation use LIFO (last in, first out) or FIFO (first in, first out) product flow? Automated systems are ideal for accurately managing product flow and can change as needed.

How much labor is currently used? The more labor used for inventory management, receiving, put away, and retrieving items from storage means a faster ROI for AS/RS. That labor can then be used for more valuable activities. 

Does your facility have unused vertical space? The increased capacity of an AS/RS may help delay the need for a larger facility, saving relocation or expansion costs. 

Would increased storage capacity extend the lifespan of your current facility? An AS/RS may help mitigate incurring facility relocation or expansion costs.

How will product be delivered to and removed from the AS/RS? Consider the pros and cons of manual processes compared to automated pallet handling systems like conveyor, AGVs, AMRs, or shuttle cars. 

Does your product require storage conditions that are hazardous to humans? Operations that require refrigerated or frozen storage environments are great candidates for AS/RS. 


  • Deep lane storage for large, palletized loads
  • Store raw and unfinished goods for manufacturing
  • Store finished goods for distribution and order sequencing
  • FIFO or LIFO product flow
  • Automate storage in harsh environments like coolers or freezers

Technologies & Specs

To ensure we find the best solution for each client’s unique requirements, we work with a variety of different pallet shuttle manufacturers including Swisslog, Automha, Murata and more.

  • Store pallets up to 3,300 lbs. (1500 kg)
  • Cold storage compatible down to -22°F (-30°C)
  • Semi-automated pallet runner options available for lower throughput operations
  • Multiple pallet sizes and types can be accommodated

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