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Optimize Pallet Handling with Versatile, Adaptable Forklifts

The CB18 AGF (automated guided forklift) is designed to efficiently transport heavy materials in a variety of shapes and sizes across manufacturing and distribution facilities. With unique features not found in other AGFs, this counterbalanced forklift improves product and employee safety, utilization of facility space and inventory tracking. Able to navigate without the need for costly infrastructure, a fleet of CB18s can be implemented quickly to make an immediate impact on operations.

A unique advantage of choosing a Bastian Solutions’ AV (autonomous vehicles) is that as the consultant, manufacturer and integrator, our experts will tailor the solution to your business needs. With complete visibility to the vehicles and supporting material handling equipment, we can adjust any part of the automated system to meet operational goals. Bastian Solutions’ AV engineers provide comprehensive training and round the clock support, ensuring users have the knowledge and ability to control their own systems.

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CB18 Automated Forklift

How It Works

Cb18-automated-forklift-agv-agf-warehouse-400pxThe CB18 AGF moves pallets and other large, heavy loads in floor operations as well as tasks involving interfacing with other automation equipment. With a payload capacity of 1,800kg and a reach height of 4.5m, this forklift can accommodate a wide array of tasks and cargo needs. Utilizing natural features navigation, the CB18 uses LiDAR scanners to identify features in its environment and compare them to a virtual map of the facility. This 360-degree field of view allows the vehicle to calculate its own position and follow a programmed path – no additional infrastructure or operators needed. 

A three-stage rigid mast enables the CB18 to reach high racking positions with low deflection, while adjustable forks ensure proper load handling. Dual traction wheels that improve braking and steering capabilities and Category 3 safety system provides safe operation around employees and industrial vehicles. It’s compact size and custom attachment options further increases the AGF’s versatility for both factories and warehouses.

Bastian Solutions’ integrated AVs (autonomous vehicles) utilize our proprietary middleware solution to seamlessly connect vehicles from various manufacturers to customers’ enterprise systems. With this pre-packaged software stack, users can orchestrate complex, multi-fleet AV systems, improving interoperability, productivity and adaptability to future operational needs.


Some of the many applications where CB18 can be employed, include: 

  • Storage and retrieval to and from racks
  • Floor to floor transfers
  • Drop off and pick up from conveyors, stretch wrappers and ASRS (automated storage and retrieval systems)
  • Custom applications



  • Navigates existing facility layout without additional infrastructure or disruption to current operations
  • Enables 24/7 automated operations
  • Counterbalanced body and reinforced mast design safely handles heavier loads at higher reach heights 
  • Adaptive features increase application capabilities and improve ROI 
  • Reduces risk of damage to products, facility and equipment with unique handling features and precise navigation technology
  • Fleet monitoring software improves operational visibility
  • Safe operability with other vehicles and employees through CAT 3 safety system and 360-degree obstacle scanning


  • Weight Capacity: Up to 1800kg (4000 lbs.)
  • Maximum Travel Speed: 3 m/s (forks trailing), 2 m/s (forks leading)
  • Guidance Method: Natural features navigation via LIDAR
  • Steering Method: Overly constrained tricycle with dual traction wheels
  • Power Source: Lithium-ion battery, automatic charging

Bastian Solutions Autonomous & Automated Vehicles

ML2-warehouse-AMR-autonomous-vehicle-mobile-robot-blueAlong with all the brands we integrate, we also design, engineer and manufacture best-in-class automated & autonomous vehicles to help our industry leading customers exceed their system’s throughput goals while reducing operational costs.

Designed and engineered with current manufacturing and warehouse applications in mind, the Bastian Solutions’ AV product line introduces a dependable and flexible alternative to conventional material payload transport methods.

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