Natural Features Guided AGVs


Automate Your Existing Facility with Natural Features Navigation AGVs

AGVs that use natural features navigation offer a flexible solution to easily and quickly automate your facility. Obtain the benefits of traditional AGV technology with the added bonus of seamless adaptation to your current facility with no need for static barriers.

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How Natural Features Navigation Works 

Natural features navigation uses LiDAR scanners and cameras to identify structures in the environment and match their locations to a virtual map that has been programmed of the facility. This allows the AGV to calculate its own position and follow its programmed path.

Implementation is quick and cost-effective, as no facility changes are needed. However, major facilities changes require re-programming of the virtual map and designated AGV paths. Natural features guided AGVs can easily get to work improving the functionality of distribution and production facilities. 

easy way to quickly automate an infrastructure without modification

to meet workflow changes and capacity demands

Increase throughput
with reliable and consistent functionality

Improve safety
of workers, products and equipment with precise, controlled movements


Minimal downtime
run AGVs for multiple shifts

Natural Features Navigation AGVs

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