Raymond Courier 3020 Tow Tractor ALT


Designed for efficient operation with vision technology

The Raymond Courier vision guided automated tow tractor require none of the costly upfront infrastructure of traditional AGVs, making them easier to integrate into your operation, and simple to re-program as your needs change. A single operator is able to manage multiple vision guided vehicles (VGV’s), so you can multiply the impact of your workforce—and your trucks—without adding to your labor costs. This flexible, scalable automated solution is capable of adapting to the realities of ever-increasing SKU numbers, smaller, more frequent orders, and ever-evolving markets.


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Courier 3020 Automated Tow Tractor

How the Raymond Courier 3020 Tow Tractor Works

As space gets more confined and labor costs continue to rise, Raymond is committed to providing the automated solutions you need to optimize warehousing operations in the years ahead.

Raymond has taken its industry-leading tow tractor design and engineered it for manual or automated operation. This hybrid design gives operators the flexibility to program the truck to run on its own, or operate it manually as a traditional tow tractor. It’s like getting the best of both worlds in a world-class vehicle that can work the way you want for maximum productivity.

With easy implementation, ease of operation, and remote management capabilities, the Raymond Courier tugger VGV offers the perfect entry point into automation for an array of warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing facilities. Effortlessly and automatically move loads of up to 10,000 lbs around your warehouse.

Bastian Solutions’ integrated AVs (autonomous vehicles) utilize our proprietary middleware solution to seamlessly connect vehicles from various manufacturers to customers’ enterprise systems. With this pre-packaged software stack, users can orchestrate complex, multi-fleet AV systems, improving interoperability, productivity and adaptability to future operational needs.



Maximum Capacity: 10,000 lbs.
Maximum Speed Automatic: Loaded 2.6 mph, Unloaded 2.6 mph
Maximum Speed Manual: Loaded - variable, Unloaded 9.0 mph
Weight: 1450 lbs w/o battery
Battery: 24 volt
Wheels: Rubber, Polyurethane, Vulkollan

Additional Features

  • Route capacity: up to 15 miles
  • Unlimited individual routes
  • ANSI/ITSDF/ B56.5-2012 compliance
  • Object detection system
  • ISO 13849 category 3 emergency stop buttons
  • LED lightbar
  • Turn signals
  • Audible warning device


  • Manage multiple Courier VGVs at once
  • Frees up resources to focus on other tasks
  • Support by Raymond Authorized Service Center
  • Minimal infrastructure changes and investment
  • Works in tandem with your current fleet
  • New routes can be added as needed
  • ACR System™ for more uptime
  • Real-time fleet management capabilities
  • Intuitive operator interface

Standard Behaviors

  • Built-in sensors slow—and eventually stop—if obstruction is detected until removed.
  • Slows during turns
  • Sounds horn before travel in automated mode

Trained Behaviors

  • Pauses, slows, horn honks, waits & ramps
  • Adjust stations, stops, starts within routes
  • Program routes for different times, shifts, seasons
  • Truck parameters can be programmed

Ideal Applications

  • Heavy-duty
  • Long hauls
  • Extended horizontal movement
  • Batch picking
  • Cart applications


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