Meet AutoStore Red Line and Black Line: Empowered by Bastian Solutions

Unprecedented storage capacity meets mobile robot deliveries of 650 bins per hour

The AutoStore Black Line and Red Line systems are innovative storage solutions that allow complete configurability and flexibility. Bins are stacked vertically in a grid and retrieved by robots that travel on the top layer of the system. This makes it possible for the grid to be placed around columns, on mezzanines, and on multiple levels.

AutoStore Red Line is the fastest-growing robotic warehouse system and has pioneered cube-based automation to revolutionize warehousing with a simple, reliable and flexible solution. To take AutoStore’s game-changing functionality to the next level, the company has now developed a new robot and workstation to service the highest demand systems.

Introducing AutoStore Black Line: A redesigned warehouse solution for higher throughput, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AutoStore Black Line introduces a new robot, relay port and taller bin design to deliver 650 bins per hour and 99% system uptime, an ideal solution for the most demanding order fulfillment centers. AutoStore Black Line components can also be added to existing Red Line systems for increased throughput, making AutoStore the most scalable and flexible goods-to-person automation system on the market.

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Recognized as one of the top AutoStore integrators, Bastian Solutions understands the capabilities of AutoStore technology and designs world-class order fulfillment solutions unique to each warehouse. See our top AutoStore solutions for more information.

PUMA Rendering

PUMA North America

PUMA North America transformed its order fulfillment operations with goods-to-person technology, AutoStore, to achieve same-day shipping and meet peak season volumes.

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Parts Town Illustration

Parts Town

With an increasing number of SKUs and a need for faster order fulfillment, the AutoStore goods-to-person system was selected for its high-density storage and scalability.

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Dance Apparel Manufacturer Rendering

Dance Apparel Manufacturer

A Missouri-based specialty apparel company partnered with Bastian Solutions to  maximize the space in their current facility while improving labor costs and order fulfillment.

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How AutoStore works

An AutoStore system is comprised of 4 main components: a structural grid, delivery robots, storage bins, and an operator port. Products are stored in stacked bins within the dense aluminum grid. As a product is needed to fulfill an order, the system software and controls alert a robot to find the bin containing the item.

If the bin is buried beneath other bins, a robot stages the extra bins on top of the grid until it retrieves the desired bin. It then takes that bin to the edge of the grid and delivers it to the operator fulfilling the order. As the bin is delivered, another AutoStore robot cleans up the staged bins on top of the grid by returning them to their original position.

As this process continues, the AutoStore system self-profiles, meaning the bins with faster moving products begin moving toward the top of the system, and bins with slower moving products transition to the bottom.

AutoStore Grid

AutoStore Bin Picking Robot


Benefits of AutoStore

Space Efficiency

  • High storage density
  • More storage locations
  • 40-60% reduction of space
  • High flexibility
  • Easy to integrate into existing warehouses
  • Flexible layout – Build grid around pillars and other static obstacles
  • Applicable in low ceiling buildings
  • Easy to expand
  • Increase capacity by adding robots, workstations and grid (bin locations)
  • Expand the system during full operation


High Performance

  • Minimum 98% availability
  • Reduced single point of failure issues
  • Consolidation of orders at the work stations
  • eCommerce / web shopping
  • Seasonal changes automatically adjusted
  • Capacity throughput depending on SKU-rotation = Bin distribution
  • Order structure
  • Design of the system (robots, workstations…)

Green Usage & Cost Savings

  • Very low power consumption
  • No roof-lighting is needed/used during normal operation of the system.
  • Battery regenerating during operation
  • Reduced air to heat/clean/cool
  • Optimized warehouse utilization
  • Building/rental cost savings
  • Up to 50% more effective staff compared to traditional picking methods
  • Labor cost savings
  • Short learning curve working at port


Total Control & Reliability

  • Extreme high warehouse stock accuracy
  • Inventory count at the end of the year is no longer required.
  • Strong reduction of process and delivery errors
  • No access to inventory other than at the workstations or the secured service area
AutoStore Tote Picking

AutoStore Port bin


Specifications for AutoStore 


  • Max lifting speed: 5.2 ft/s (1.6 m/s)
  • Grid: aluminum structure in which bins are stored on top of each other 
  • Bin: unit in which products are stored 
  • Port: where bins are delivered to operators 
  • Robot: unit that transports bins throughout grid 
  • Controller: plans and executes all AutoStore activity
Inside AutoStore Black Line

AutoStore Bin Picking Robot


AutoStore Red Line

  • Most cost-effective choice for low and medium throughput operations
  • Uses single-double grid, meaning robots can only pass each other in one direction
  • R5 robot
    • Size: covers 2 storage cells
    • Accommodates 220 mm and 330 mm bins
    • 3.1 m/s drive speed
    • 71 dB sound
    • Cycle charging requires additional R5 robots to compensate
  • Carousel port
    • 250 bins per hour with R5 robots
    • 300 bins per hour with B1 robots
AutoStore Red Line

AutoStore Red Line


Introducing: AutoStore Black Line

  • Higher throughput, more efficient 24/7 operations, and taller bins for high-demand systems
  • Most new components are compatible with old components
  • New double-double grid means robots can pass in all directions in tighter, more sophisticated patterns     
  • B1 robot:
    • Size: covers 1.5 storage cells
    • 75% higher acceleration than R5, due to brushless direct-drive motors in each wheel
    • 30 bins per hour per B1 robot. accommodating 220, 330, and 425 bin heights
    • Lithium ion battery pack swap in 20 seconds, 99% run time
    • Smaller footprint/higher robot density
  • Relay port is fastest workstation ever
    • 650 bins per hour with B1 robots, minimum bin exchange time of 2 seconds
AutoStore Black Line

AutoStore Black Line


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