Pick to Light

Pick to Light

Trying to increase productivity, improve picking accuracy and keep your labor costs down? Pick to light is a light-directed picking technology that provides an accurate and efficient method of paperless picking, putting or sorting and assembling products.

How it Works

Bastian Solution’s pick to light systems provide you with an efficient picking process that increases productivity and gives your warehouse the boost it needs. The Exacta pick to light software can be used on a stand-alone basis as an order fulfillment software solution or be integrated directly into the Exacta warehouse management system, your existing WMS or other existing host systems.

Pick to light is an easy process to learn—training a picking operator can take between 30 and 45 minutes—which means you can quickly see the benefits of your system soon after implementation.


Pick to Light is a highly Efficient solution 

Benefits of Pick to Light 

  • Increased Productivity 
  • Improved Order Accuracy 
  • Lower Labor Costs 
  • Paperless 
  • Highly Efficient 

Pick to Light can reduce labor costs 


  • High velocity carton flow each picking
  • Carousel light towers
  • Sort bars for batch picking from carousels
  • Full case picking from pallet flow
  • Component picking for kit assembly

Interested in implementing this technology in your facility, or simply want to know more about it?