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Improve Warehouse Safety During National Safety Month

May 16, 2016
Employee safety is important in any field of work, but for manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse workers, it's something that must be considered every day. From poor ergonomics to high-tech machinery, there are a lot of situations our workers encounter each day that could potentially lead to injury. Read: Improve Your Warehouse Workers' Safety During National Safety Month

How to Select the Right Container for Conveying Products

July 01, 2015
Are you considering the purchase of a conveyor system to transport your product in the warehouse? If so, there can be many factors to consider when deciding how to convey your material, especially when it comes to the box or container holding the material. In this article, we’ll discuss a few things to keep in mind. Read: Selecting the Right Container

Prep for the Holidays with These Material Handling Maintenance Tips

September 24, 2014
The holiday season is fast approaching: Yesterday was the first day of fall, football is finally back, and Kmart has already released its first Christmas commercial (no matter how hard they deny it). With the holiday rush around the corner, it’s important to inspect each area of your material handling system to ensure it's running at peak performance. Read: Material Handling Maintenance Tips

What is an Engineer’s Favorite Food?

August 29, 2014
With Labor Day weekend upon us, I asked our robotics team about their favorite food. From the results, it seems they are very carnivorous! See the full survey and enjoy a great grilling recipe from one of our engineers. Read: Engineers' Favorite Foods

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

December 30, 2013
With the New Year right around the corner, many people are likely thinking about a resolution or two: maybe staying organized, a better work-life balance or one of the most popular, getting healthy! Focusing on a healthier lifestyle can be challenging anytime, especially in the super-size-it world we live in. However, staying healthy is even more challenging when you travel a lot. Read: Stay Healthy While Traveling
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How Do We Recruit the Next Generation of Skilled Workers?

October 02, 2013
I regularly hear from manufacturing business leaders about how hard it is to attract and retain top skilled workers for manufacturing. I know firsthand how hard it is to bring on the next generation of craftsmen in our plant. There are many reasons for this shortage, but I think a lot of it stems back to lack of a successful career path for our young people coming out of high school... Read: Recruiting skilled workers >>

Why Career Fairs are Still Relevant in Our Digital World

March 20, 2013
I recently attended a career fair with our HR Manager to look for quality production candidates to join our custom automation group in Greenfield, Ind. As an employer, we typically list most of our job openings online, but I have found attending career fairs can be very valuable for qualifying great candidates... Read More >>

Transitioning from a FIRST Student to a FIRST Mentor

January 16, 2013
A stadium is packed, adults and kids filling the stands and watching in anticipation. Fans loudly cheer on their team, proudly wearing their teams' colors, while fans back home watch the game on ESPN. Both teams are vying for a guaranteed playoff spot within their division and have had a long season getting to this point. Think this is your typical sporting event? Think again. Welcome to Einstein Field during the championship event of a FIRST Robotics Competition. Read More >>

The Value of Training

November 07, 2012
As a recent college graduate, I have been exposed to many new and exciting aspects of the robotics and material handling industries. I will argue that in the past month alone I have gained more valuable work experience than in the last four years of college. Why do I say this? The main reason is due to strong and impactful training. Continue Reading >>

Grinding Gears: The Journey of a Master’s Degree

November 02, 2012
As a grad student (MSME - Fall '12), I've had a few challenges while balancing a full-time job and a earning my master's degree. So has it been worth it? It depends on the day you ask, but here are my thoughts on what grad school is, what it is perceived to be, and how you can survive... Continue Reading >>

Do You Know the Difference Between SaaS and Cloud Computing?

June 27, 2012
When talking about software as a service (SaaS) and cloud computing, people tend to use the two terms interchangeably. Although the two technologies are related, they are not the same. So what is the distinction? Simply put, SaaS is a type of cloud computing . Let’s roll up our sleeves and dig into the specifics so you can better select services and products that will benefit your organization... Continue Reading >>

Have You Thought About a 401K?

March 29, 2012
Our life cycle can easily be broken into three distinct seasons: childhood, the working years, and retirement. Although many people survive the first two seasons with few financial crises, the final season is often a difficult and stressful time financially due to a lack of planning. What can we do to avoid this difficult time in our retirement years? The answer is having a well-developed savings plan and implementing it at the outset of the working era... Read more >>
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