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30 Years of Industry Experience: Creating a Strong Foundation for Improved Kaizen Processes

January 27, 2021
Coronavirus (COVID-19) has penetrated every industry and forced changes throughout. Business processes have required accelerated reviews for the safety of the workforce and to adjust to changes in consumer demand. Supply chain and logistics has been in the spotlight with concerns about how shipments will get from one location to another, replenishment changes due to ecommerce trend acceleration, and demands for same day deliveries. This leads to process and management decisions. 2020 was a year of uncomfortable but necessary process change. Paralleled with new year’s resolutions and facing the “new normal” discussions, business around the world are working to have a more planned outlook with a better understanding of how to react and adjust. What aspects of your business processes should you protect and what do you change?

How Gen Y Can Affect Corporate Culture

September 15, 2011
Many organizations have begun to see a shift in culture due to the hiring and integration of a new generation of younger employees into their work force. These employees represent Generation X (1962-1979) and Y (1980-2000) and together they bring many different values and beliefs into organizations that have been staffed with Baby Boomers (1946-1961) for many years. Read More >>
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