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Chicago, Illinois, March 20-23: Bastian Solutions is once again excited to attend ProMat at McCormick Place in Chicago. We invite you to learn, network, and see all the cutting edge technology and solutions that we and the other exhibitors have to offer.

Our booth will feature a live system demonstration that integrates multiple technologies, including autonomous vehicles, Bastian Solutions SmartPick, AutoStore, Tompkins Robotics tSort, Bastian Solutions Conveyor, and more. Don't miss our live seminar "Cutting Through the Noise: How to look beyond technology and meet business objectives". Learn more about our featured technologies, seminar innovative material handling solutions below.

ProMat is free to attend, click here to register. 


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Featured Topics & Tech

An overview of the services and innovative technologies featured in our ProMat showcase. Contact us to learn more about how our consulting and systems integration services can help you develop the right mix of automation to meet your goals.


Bastian Solutions SmartPick

With vision systems powered by AI and our expertly engineered end of arm tooling, our robotic bin picking solutions are capable of effectively picking from even the most complex piles of products.



The Bastian Solutions ML2 Mini Load AV is a flexible, compact and highly maneuverable option to automate a variety of applications; from warehouse assembly lines to picking and sortation in distribution operations.


Tompkins Robotics tSort

This system is a great alternative to traditional sorters with faster implementation, lower capital cost, and the flexibility to add robots or induction stations as needed.



AutoStore combines space-saving cube storage with fast, accurate automated order picking, perfect for efulfillment, microfulfillment, and more. Bastian Solutions is one of the top AutoStore integrators in the world. 


Bastian Solutions Conveyor

The Bastian Solutions’ conveyor product line has a full range of advanced sortation, transport, accumulation and specialized equipment solutions.


Omnichannel Fulfillment

Provide consistent, reliable services to customers in store, online and through partners with the right mix of mix of planning, software and equipment.


Don't Miss Our Seminar


Will Tritle
Will Tritle

New Business Development Consultant
Bastian Solutions

Cutting Through the Noise: How to look beyond technology and meet business objectives

In our seminar you are going to learn how to you make sense of the noise by finding the weak spots in your operation, find the best technology solution, address your operational challenges, and ensure that your system can evolve to meet critical business challenges well into the future.

Key Takeaways

  • By looking at Hudson’s Bay, you’ll learn how by defining the scope, scale and specifics of your automation needs, you can find areas for improvement in your operation
  • How to assess your operational challenges against available / trending technologies
  • How do different technologies complete the puzzle to your operational challenges?
  • What is future proofing and what does it mean for your operations?


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