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Another Great ProMat!

Thank you for joining us at ProMat 2019 in Chicago! Our goal is to ensure each customer receives the optimal level of automation for their operations, and we enjoyed sharing the innovative solutions and technologies available. We pride ourselves on providing data-driven designs that are flexible and scalable, along with excellent customer service and support. 

With all there is to see and do at ProMat, we thank everyone who stopped by, met our outstanding team and discussed your material handling automation needs. Learn more about the innovative material handling technology featured in our booth below.


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Featured Technology

An overview of the innovative technologies we shared at ProMat 2019.  Contact us to learn more about how our consulting and systems integration services can help you develop the right mix of automation.

AutoStore robots


An AutoStore system is comprised of 4 main components: a structural grid, delivery robots, storage bins, and an operator port. Products are stored in stacked bins within the dense aluminum grid. As a product is needed to fulfill an order, the system software and controls alert a robot to find the bin containing the item. Bastian Solutions is one of the top AutoStore integrators in the world. 


Goods to Robot Picking

Bastian Solutions integrates some of the most cutting-edge robotic picking solutions perfect for goods-to-robot operations. Our solutions are capable of picking the most complex piles of products. These systems can be designed in a modular fashion allowing new products to be easily introduced into a system and identified by the robot.


ZiPline Shoe Sorter

Capable of throughput rates reaching 18,000 cases per hour and speeds up to 650 feet per minute, the ZiPline shoe sorter is an all-electric divert for small or large products that operates smoothly and quietly. Gain productivity from minimal downtime with quick release slats, drop out switches and a UHMW slat surface for easy cleaning.


Robotic Document Inserter

Order fulfillment complexity in modern-day distribution centers has never been greater, placing substantial demand on operational teams. Placing the proper paperwork inside of a carton should be the least of your worries. Our Robotic Document Inserter accurately places the proper paperwork in the proper carton, every time.


Exacta Supply Chain Software

As an independent integrator, we offer complete, scalable warehouse software solutions that can also be implemented as separate components. The Exacta supply chain software suite can interface with other systems as well as be implemented as a complete solution to your business needs.


As a Toyota Advanced Logistics company and member of Toyota Industries Group, Bastian Solutions is proud to work alongside our sister companies to provide the largest, most diverse portfolio of material handling products and services along with the largest support network in North America. 


Did You Miss Our Seminar?

The Rise of the Urban DC – How Best Buy is Transforming Its Supply Chain

Tuesday, April 9 | 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM | Theater G

Presented By:


Greg Conner

Vice President, Sales
Bastian Solutions

Marvin Logan

Vice President, Consulting
Bastian Solutions

Rob Bass

Chief Supply Chain Officer
Best Buy

A few years ago, Best Buy was faced with historic corporate challenges as the company met growing competition from e-tailers such as Amazon, Newegg and others. In response to changing consumer preferences and an evolving retail landscape, Best Buy overhauled its omnichannel operations, including changes to its supply chain network. Best Buy is currently re-designing each of its regional distribution centers (RDCs) and creating metropolitan e-commerce centers (MECs) to better serve customer demands. The company went through an extensive search to find the right software and automation provider to best serve each type of facility. The result is better inventory management, increased order accuracy, improved lead times for superior customer service, and an overall reduction in supply chain costs. During this presentation, Rob Bass, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Best Buy, will detail his company’s supply chain transformation and provide tips for improving your omnichannel operations.

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