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Flinn Scientific Increases Efficiency with Pick Module System

Flinn Scientific supplies science equipment to schools and educational institutions across North America. Headquartered in Batavia, Illinois, they’ve been a leader in scientific education safety since 1977.

Their former facility was completely manual, so they contacted Bastian Solutions to find the right technologies to automate the warehouse. They are now able to handle double the line items with the automation, increasing efficiency and safety across the facility.

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Flinn Scientific

Flinn Scientific

Key Technologies

  • Bastian Solutions conveyor
    • Zero pressure
    • Pivot wheel shipping sorter
  • Split case pick module
  • 22 bays of carton flow rack
  • Pallet flow rack
  • Five bays of bin shelving
  • Automatic carton erector
  • Inline scanners
  • Semi-automatic case sealer
  • Top label print-and-apply
  • Weigh scale

See the results

  • 5,900 lines/day improved to 10,800 lines/day
  • The new system enabled Flinn Scientific to take advantage of complete inventory reconciliation with their WMS via a custom interface


  • Flinn Scientific Batavia Illinois
  • Flinn Scientific Batavia Illinois
  • Flinn Scientific Batavia Illinois

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