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Adore Me Improves Shipping Times by Bringing Order Fulfillment In-House

Adore Me, a women's intimate apparel and swimwear company, partnered with Bastian Solutions to bring their order fulfillment operations in-house, no longer relying on third-party fulfillment. To make the most of their space, the design started with the space-saving AutoStore goods-to-person system to consolidate and improve order fulfillment operations. Their new ecommerce fulfillment facility improved order shipping times and has the scalability and flexibility to adapt to this fast-growing company's needs for years to come. 


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The new system achieves two-day shipping on all e-commerce orders, an improvement from previous operations which would take several days to prepare orders.

Order pickers are 2.7 times more productive due to Exacta software's batch picking organization with the AutoStore system.

The facility can handle an average of 10,000 orders per shift or up to 20,000 on peak days, doubling the amount previously handled.

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