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Adore Me Improves Shipping Times by Bringing Order Fulfillment In-House

Adore Me, an intimate apparel and swimwear company, partnered with Bastian Solutions to bring their order fulfillment operations in-house, no longer relying on third-party fulfillment. To make the most of the limited space in their urban distribution center, the design started with the AutoStore goods-to-person system to consolidate and improve order fulfillment operations. Their new ecommerce fulfillment facility improved order shipping times while providing the scalability and flexibility to adapt to this fast-growing company's needs for years to come.

“To work with Bastian Solutions was great because at the end of the day they managed to step up to the game – to start from scratch and say ‘what do I want in my dream world?’ – and they can deliver.” – Romain Liot, Chief Operations Manager, Adore Me

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  • The new system achieves two-day shipping on all e-commerce orders, an improvement from previous operations which would take several days to prepare orders.
  • Order pickers are 2.7 times more productive due to Exacta software's batch picking organization with the AutoStore system.
  • The facility can handle an average of 10,000 orders per shift or up to 20,000 on peak days, doubling the amount previously handled.



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