Japanese Food Corporation

Growing Demand for Asian Cuisine Prompts JFC International to Build a New “State of the Art” DC

For over a century, JFC International has thrived in its role as a distributor, bringing an ever-expanding line of quality Japanese food products to the United States.

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Japanese Food Corporation

Business Objectives

  • Systemic improvements in accuracy, traceability, and efficiency needed to be addressed to meet the demands of major food retailers
  • Integrating material flows from ambient, chill room, and freezer environments presented logistical challenges
  • The new system had to meet future capacity demands of 30 trailers/day 55% reduction in labor for picking was needed

Key Technologies

  • 850 positions of pick to light for full and split cases
  • Vocollect voice picking system
  • Hytrol Prosort high-speed shoe sorter
  • Electronic zone zero pressure accumulation conveyor
  • 2 three-level pick modules (ambient, freezer)
  • In-line RFID capable print and apply machines
  • Accusort camera scan tunnels for higher read rates
  • 4 Ambaflex powered spirals (2 each in ambient and freezer locations)
  • ExactaWMS: Warehouse Management System 
  • ExactaWCS: Warehouse Control System 
  • PC-Based Controls including 3-D Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Total of 3,300 feet of conveyor


  • System supports up to 40 trucks per single shift and is more than capable of meeting future demands
  • Pacing screens provide instant snapshots of operational productivity to management and operators and synchronizes flows between pick zones
  • The new JFC headquarters and distribution center is designed with energy-saving and environmentally friendly technology

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