SMC Consolidates and Streamlines Operations To Meet Customer Demands

SMC Corporation is a global manufacturer and distributor of pneumatic components. The company's U.S. headquarters are located in an 800,000 square foot facility in Noblesville, IN. SMC invested in material handling equipment and software to improve throughput, accuracy, and visibility. The new system coupled with a continuous improvement plan was a big factor in helping SMC reach its 10-year corporate growth goal in 5 years.

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SMC Corporation

Business Objectives

  • Consolidate two buildings into one 796,000 square foot facility housing distribution and production operations
  • Increase efficiency in picking, packaging, and consolidation operations
  • Add flexibility and additional capacity for future growth opportunities
  • Implement a real time warehouse management system in Noblesville, Indiana, and at multiple regional distribution centers across the US and Canada
Real-time WMS

Key Technologies

Spiral Conveyor


  • Provides visibility to information in real-time: The ability to see the current status of any order line in the process provides more accurate tracking of the order through the system.
  • Increase in picking productivity: The new facility layout in combination with the warehouse management system has increased the productivity of the picking process by 35%.
  • Increase in inventory accuracy: Because SMC now has more visibility in tracking items within the order flow process, the cycle counting process is more accurate and timely
  • Increased shipping throughput: Fast-paced corporate growth led SMC to install an express shipping lane to get customer orders delivered even faster.
RF Scanner

Photos of Our Solution

  • operator-work-area-thumb
  • industrial-shelving-for-product-storage
  • picking-totes-on-spiral-conveyor
  • hytrol-live-roller-conveyor
  • rf-picking-of-products
  • roller-conveyor-in-pick-module
  • spiral-conveyor-for-vertical-transfer
  • products-head-to-shipping
  • dunnage-and-pack-area-main-image-7
  • packaging-stations
  • roller-conveyor-with-pop-up-transfers
  • hytrol-mrt-sorter
  • high-speed-pusher-sorter
  • shipping-sorter
  • extendable-conveyor-on-shipping-dock-main-image-14
  • bastian-solutions-human-machine-interface
  • smc-corporation-of-america-material-handling-system

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